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    Hi all, newbie here, just got my first berry and have BerryFever lol, learning about it all. I searched and didn't find many pics of users customized skins, so share here,if you would plz!

    When I first went on my T-mobile site initially, I found a link to studio-skinit, so I started playing around with it, and then I ordered it cuz it looked so cool to me , hoping it would come out as close as possible to the online preview. Well, I got it today, and it's pretty darn close, colors are a little darker on the back then I would have liked, but all in all, I love it. Here is a pic of the preview, and when I get it on, I will post a pic of the applied skin on the phone (if I don't mess it up lol).

    I would love to see other users customized skins, so please...put those pics up! Thanks

    ps- sorry, apparently I'm too new to be allowed to post any pics yet, will post as soon as Mom/Dad crackberry say OK - but post yours still! Oh, wait, thumbnails showed up in the preview (crossing fingers-kewl!)
    09-02-10 01:18 PM
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    did you just rate your own thread a 5 star? lollllll
    09-02-10 01:26 PM
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    These are awesome! The 3M adhesive used holds them on very securely. They are still easy to remove and leave behind no residue. Same technology used to put the graphics on the side of NASCAR's and semi trucks.

    Made about 20 custom skins so far and they all do come back slightly darker than anticipated. Grade A products though.

    Would post pics of them if I had any left. Tend to get bored and remove them after a while.
    09-02-10 01:27 PM
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    @ contender .....ummmmm, yep <embarassed grin> guess I did, hoping it would entice lots of participation....and I also thought it was a smashing fun 5 star idea LOL! Don't hate me plz <making cute puppy face>
    OK-point taken, and slinking back to my corner now...
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