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    from this N9?

    i see the N9 has borrowed the bezel swipe from the playbook (perhaps been developing it earlier even)...

    but it has some great features...including the NFC (there is a brief video on it demoing on page 4 of the review)..

    the phone looks sleek and very nice..too bad nokia is discontinuing (per perhaps may reconsider) after this phone has been released...some features are quite advanced and would be nice to have them on the new QNX phones..

    after all, nokia knows phones and they used to (until when i used them and i still use the E61i) reliable phones..blackberry started to erode from their sales then iphones completely destroyed it...

    it would be nice if they continue with meego rather than the ugly WP7/8 UIs..

    i prefer meego UI/technology/swiping features to those of android for sure and it seems alot more advanced than IOS...

    what do you guys think? if this phone is to be discontinued and they have a fire sale for USD 100, i will surely get it..

    nice and easy to use like BBs unlike androids...and surely more advanced than IOs..

    Nokia N9 hands-on: First look - GSMArena.com
    09-27-11 06:36 AM