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    Hey everyone.

    Ive been using a BB Pearl for about 2 yrs and i'm due for an upgrade on Tmo. In June, Tmo is going to have data plans mandatory on all new activations and upgrades for smartphones, something i don't want to do at the moment is add a data plan.
    I was going to get a 8900 in june but with this new thing im not too sure. and looking through the forums and seing that Tmo might be getting some new BB in the fall makes me wonder if i should wait it out and stay with the pearl.

    Does anyone know when (approximate month) a new BB is going to come out for Tmo (not the 8520, i dont like that one) ?
    Or even better the touchscreen/QWERTY hybrid that sounds great. Is this the Pluto or what? i am very confused when it comes to this hybrid phone.

    So, should i get the 8900 ( on craigslist or Tmo) ? or should i just wait for the new, hybrid or 3g BB to be released on Tmo?

    Thanks, and Hi!
    05-13-09 01:51 AM
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    First of all, Welcome to CB!

    As for waiting, if you are due for an upgrade now, I would do it before June if you do not want to be forced to add data to your Blackberry. From what I understand the only new Blackberry that Tmo is getting this year is the 8520 so if you plan on holding out for another new Blackberry on Tmo it'll be a long wait. (I may be wrong about that though, I'm just going by this list of upcoming Tmo cell phones) I personally have an 8320 so I don't have much experience with them but have heard many good things about the 8900. I
    I don't know anything about the hybrid phone so I can't answer anything about that.

    It all comes down to your preferences and what you like in a phone. Go to a Tmo store and try out the display 8900 they have; if you like it, go for it. You can always buy a different phone in the future from Ebay or Craigslist.

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    05-13-09 03:27 AM
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    I would strongly consider the 8900. I have it and LOVE it. Like he said it all comes down to personal preference. The 8900 is the best blackberry out there imo right now.

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    05-13-09 08:47 AM