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    Hello everyone, I've been lurking for a bit reading threads and finally decided to post to get your thoughts...

    I currently own a Motorola Q on VZW, which I came by after forcing the evildoers at Verizon to replace my problematic and crappy Palm Treo 700w with the Q. While the Q has been ok, I'm very tired of having to rip the battery out once a day to do a reset just b/c the stupid thing freezes up and I feel like I'm always having to update or do something to the thing....hence I'm eyeballing the BB Pearl on Verizon...of course this leads to a but...

    After years of using Windows Mobile (I had a PocketPC before the Smartphones) I'm a little scared to leave (change is always scary)...I also have my boyfriend (a geeky character who has had Treos, PPC's and everything under the sun) telling me how "ugly" the BB interface is compared to my Q and why don't I get something like the Samsung or the Q9....
    To which my immediate reaction is the Samsung is too much PDA (and pricetag!) for me and the Q9 isn't that big of a difference than my own Q...

    I just want a user friendly phone with the following:
    easy sms messaging
    easy pulldown of gmail
    decent calendar functions (possibily sync with google calendar?)
    easy bluetooth headset use (i've had tons of problems with my Q dropping my bluetooth headset pairings, that i've given up bluetooth headsets)

    I'm not a poweruser, I don't surf the web with my phone that often, I don't care about listening to music on the thing nor do I need to do anything crazy...

    I'd also like to be able to sync with my macbook. I've read your threads on macs and blackberries and I don't necessarily get a warm fuzzy, so if it's not doable I can sync to a Windows machine as well....

    So after all this can you all tell me...Should I switch?

    Thanks in Advance!
    12-26-07 03:43 PM
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    Yes you should. the blackberry is a rock solid platform that is getting better with every update. I came from a long line of treo's and couldn't be happier.
    12-26-07 03:46 PM
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    The reason you suffer from battery pull is because of the downfall of windows mobile; the inherent freezing of the OS,don't get me wrong,you will have to perform the occasional battery pull,but the blackberry OS is more stable,the push email technology is still not caught up to by the competion,and blackberrys can now compete with any smartphone with multimedia functions in the consumer arena,sorry to say this but your boyfriend is a ***** and sounds like a fanboy,the blackberry interface is so smoothe with a low learning curve,you'll pickup and feel at ease with it,as for as your macbook,the new OS update for blackberrys,I believe,will alow for more compatibilty with mac's(don't quote me)believe me,get a blackberry and get it now.

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    12-26-07 06:15 PM
  4. Strontium's Avatar
    The only thing I'm not familiar with would be the calender function. For everything else, you listed, I'd say ditch the Q and get the BB. Then, you can laugh at your geeky boyfriend for having a WM device haha!
    12-26-07 07:10 PM
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    Google just recently released their "sync" function so now you can sync your google calendar to your Blackberry over the air. In other words, go for it! Much cheaper options out their than VZW if you want to switch. T-Mobile offers the Curve (full keyboard vs the Pearl half keyboard) and has a $9.99 email only plan (no internet).
    12-26-07 07:19 PM
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    same here. I hade a BB 8700 then for some reason I swiched to the Wing big mistake. the best thing about the blackberry is its simple interface. It is so easy to operate. In my opinion a phone should not be hard to use, BB is a phone that cuts time in daily task. easy too get to programs with one handed operation, and the O.S is so stable. i am on a curve now since october and never I repeat never had to do a battery pull the only time I had to reset my phone was when I deleted some third party app's I did not like. email is the best no problems there either.I can understand your concern about change but beleive me BB is the way to go.
    12-26-07 07:27 PM
  7. Dustin_D's Avatar

    I am actually typing this on an ipod! The typing on the touch screen is pretty east so I think it would be the same on an iPhone bit I prefer the qwerty on the bb 8830 we to be honests with you. With my big thumbs there are jut to many mistakes!
    12-26-07 08:00 PM