09-28-13 02:17 PM
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    All I would say is the Z10 is a fantastic device, it demands consideration at the very least!

    Swiped On My Zed10
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    08-03-13 11:11 AM
  2. surewin's Avatar
    Get a blackberry if you dont play apps

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    08-03-13 12:11 PM
  3. Whyareallthegoodnamestaken's Avatar
    Get the Z10

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    08-03-13 01:15 PM
  4. tomcat23's Avatar
    Odd, I have excellent signal strength with my Z and the OP has Verizon which from my understanding has one of the better tower networks. Read the OP's post where he/she states that apps are not an issue. Apps have improved tremendously anyway. The OP is looking for a good communication device with excellent battery life. That describes the Q10.
    This is in response to tomcat 23.

    Curve 8320, Bold 9780, Bold 9900, PB 64gb, Z10.
    My point being that experiencing first hand the reboots in America, I don't dismiss the complaints of people in America claiming that the Z10 has a reboot problem.
    With my experience in India, I would dismiss any random reboot claim, but being there with the same handset and having random reboots daily gives me pause.
    I don't know what the reason is, maybe the American networks are actively sabotaging BlackBerry (highly unlikely) but the issue is there and BlackBerry needs to correct it if they want any traction in America.
    It doesn't help if the phone doesn't reboot in India, it IS rebooting randomly in America. BlackBerry needs to get to the bottom of this.

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    08-03-13 03:11 PM
  5. kevxn's Avatar
    Hey guys I have been a solid iPhone user since it come out for Verizon. The problem is that im very bored with ios and ios7 looks like a 5 year old designed it so im looking to switch. I have tried twice going to an android phone from my iPhone and both of them did not work out. First went to a nexus and the battery life sucked so i switched then the second time to a droid DNA which was alright but the screen was too big and my messages were not being received sometimes so i switched back. I am an avid texter and i browse the net occasionally. I barley play any games and watch videos. I use instagram and snapchat sometimes but i know i can side load those on to a BB device. I do however take a lot of pictures. Battery life is a big thing for me since i have a full time job in the city and need something that can last me a whole day. The problem is that i am just nervous to waste my upgrade on a BB device that im not sure about. I have literally tried out the Z10 and Q10 10 times at a Verizon store but i cannot judge it based on trying it out in store i need it for 2 or 3 weeks to be certain that it is the phone for me. I need some of your guys opinions on the new BB 10 OS and the phones to help me make my decision. Right now i am between the Z10 the Q10 and the new moto x that got unveiled yesterday. What do you guys think i should do?
    Iphone is boring so getting a blackberry, which is what I have done.

    For more than one month, I can still find something new on my z10, good feeling.

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    08-03-13 03:24 PM
  6. kevxn's Avatar
    Get a blackberry if you dont play apps

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    Who told you that? I can side load every android app I want.

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    08-03-13 03:37 PM
  7. tomcat23's Avatar
    Who told you that? I can side load every android app I want.

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    Side loading is useless to an average user. This is one of the most useless response to the app problem on BlackBerry 10.
    I have used a BlackBerry since 2007. I'm very proficient with BlackBerry and the software. I know how to side load apps. I have never done it. It's just too much work.
    Telling someone who is looking to switch from the iOS environment that all the apps can be had if only they give up the ease of downloading apps from App Store and spend hours side loading the apps they want is plain foolish.
    The apps are not there. Period. If it suits a person to give up some apps till they are in BlackBerry World then fine. But blaming them because they can't side load is what got BlackBerry into the problem they are in.

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    08-03-13 03:47 PM
  8. kellyjdrummer's Avatar
    Well I'm in India and my Z10 has not reset once in four months.
    However I was in America the whole of July and my Z10 would reset at least three times daily. Drove me nuts. And my cousin had an At&t Z10 and that also randomly rebooted.
    I'm back in India for a week now and not a single reboot which I hadn't initiated.

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    Don't know what to tell you. I'm on T-Moblile and have had no issues since my purchase two months ago.

    ".....I thought to myself....." Yes, we all do that.
    08-03-13 10:52 PM
  9. drkpitt's Avatar
    Do you use the OEM rapid charger for the Z10? It charges extremely fast.

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    08-03-13 11:41 PM
  10. mwdugas's Avatar
    I have big thumbs and the Q10 keyboard is by far the best I've ever used. I make fewer mistakes and I find I'm getting faster the longer I have this phone. It does everything I need it to do and way more. I'm like you. I text "alot" and watch occasional videos and toy around with apps once in awhile. I enjoy the touch interface and may eventually get a Z10 because I'm getting used to the gestures and the speed at which u can do things on bb10. A bigger screen might be an asset. The battery life on the Q10 has been great so far for me. I know it differs from user to user but I charge mine every night before bed. It lasts me all day. I have a feeling u might be in the same usage ball park as me. Give 'er a try. U won't be disappointed once u get used to the gestures. A couple hours of playin around and yer a new blackberry user. Guarantee it
    Good luck

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    08-04-13 12:21 AM
  11. mwdugas's Avatar
    I must point out that getting the Crackberry app is a must for a new BB10 user. There is so much support on here. What a great community. I don't regret my Q10 whatsoever. Every phone has it's bugs.... and everyone has something to say about them. Go into an iphone forum and you get the same 'bashing" you do in here. The Q10 is simply the best phone, for me, out there!! Cut Blackberry some slack. They've inovated an entirely new OS and the bugs are minimal. Microsoft has been putting out buggy OS for 25 years. It happens ppl. Roll with the punches

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    08-04-13 12:35 AM
  12. deanupam's Avatar
    Switched from Nokia to curve to bold to PlayBook. Now z10. Go for q10 for qwerty. But you will be losing viewing area. The browser in BlackBerry 10 is beyond imagination. Android apps can be loaded over Wi Fi. The apps version for BlackBerry 10 is far better like in Evernote. Go for BlackBerry

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    08-04-13 03:17 AM
  13. Mo Cat's Avatar
    Coming from Android myself and rockin a Q10 for about 4 months. Not an app devotee, just a few good ones I need and i'm happy. Personally i love my device but I recommend you try before you buy, if at all possible. Especially if you're in doubt about the choice between the Z10 and the Q10.

    CB10 - Q10
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    08-04-13 08:55 AM
  14. TDSWIM's Avatar
    If battery life is an issue, don't get a Z10, get the Q10. If you decide on a Z10 be prepared to invest in a battery pack or extended battery.

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    08-04-13 09:43 AM
  15. deanupam's Avatar
    I guess there is a cut off for development and release. It is balancing the two along with market requirements

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    08-07-13 12:17 PM
  16. katesbb's Avatar
    Battery life is a big thing for me since i have a full time job in the city and need something that can last me a whole day.
    Maybe the new Motorola Droid MAXX with it's big battery?

    Most Z10 owners seem to get through the day just fine, but what's nice about the older Razr Maxx and the new Droid MAXX is you don't have to even think about it... no worries at all, no need to turn off options or keep the screen turned down to make it through the day.
    08-07-13 01:01 PM
  17. mwdugas's Avatar
    My Q10 gets a ton of personal use throughout the day and I still have a minimum of 20% battery left at the end of the day. I plug it in before bed every night just so I have a full charge for the following day. For what I use it for, it does everything I need it to do and more. I'm no APP freak and find that if I try an app it's usually for a couple days then it sits in a folder un-noticed. I would like Instagram only because that's what my teenage kids use. I'm starting to use Blaq. But again. Not very much. I'm excited about cross platform BBM because everyone has a personal choice for what device they prefer, obviously mine is a BlackBerry... but I understand the majority of my friends have made the switch to iPhone and Android devices. Mind you, they are mostly ex BlackBerry users so they are familiar with BBM and are also looking forward to its release. It would be great to have that type of connectivity with all my friends regardless of what device they are using. Can't wait!

    Not approved by the NSA. My personal Q10
    09-28-13 03:02 AM
  18. Sexy Sadie's Avatar
    I love my Z10!
    09-28-13 02:17 PM
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