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    Hey all,

    Haven't been around these parts in a while. So long story short, I now have 2 bb's, a Tour for work and my trusty crappy Pearl for personal use. I'm getting tired of trying to figure out which bb is buzzing (pocket? hip?) and tried of carrying around 2 devices, I think.

    Convince me one way or another to either combine or keep them separate. Most important questions are:

    1. can work read my personal e-mails if I add them?
    2. can I keep 2 separate contact lists? If so, how?
    3. can I keep 2 separate bbm lists? If so, how?

    Thanks in advance.

    02-10-10 08:26 PM
  2. Speedv1's Avatar
    1. I'm honestly not sure. If your company syncs your bb with your office (and laptop/desktop), then I would presume yes, they could read them.

    2/3. I don't know of any way that's 100% what I think you're after - but you do know that you can put the contacts in categories (Business, personal, school, and you can add your own). Then you go to filter and select only the one category, to me this seems more of a pain, but it should work. BBM contacts can be linked to contacts - so if you categorize them then at least under your address book they'd be sorted?

    Sorry, I'm sure that I've been little help.
    02-10-10 08:48 PM
  3. BlackBerry Guy's Avatar
    I don't like the idea of the work IT people having ultimate control over my Blackberry with BES so I've carry both my Curve (pocket) and Tour (hip) during the day time.

    For evenings and weekends where I only want to carry my Tour, I forward the work phone to my personal number. I also have my work email setup on BIS via OWA so that I can continue to keep an eye on emails that come in. For BBM, I only give out the PIN for my Tour, as that's the berry I always have on me. My BBM contacts are all friends or co-workers, so I don't really feel the need to keep them separate.
    02-10-10 09:52 PM
  4. bluz's Avatar
    better to carry 2 BBs - work n personal. they don't mix per se.
    02-10-10 10:02 PM
  5. tfp's Avatar
    i'm with everyone else. if its a work assigned berry running on BES then i'm pretty sure they have access to any and every thing you send and receive. i'm getting a 9700 from work in the next few days and fully intend to continue carrying my 9000 with me. don't need the big wigs at head office accessing my personal stuff.

    cracks me up when i see co-workers paying the cancellation fee on their personal berry's just cause work gave them one, then complaining that they have limited access to stuff lol
    02-10-10 10:09 PM
  6. jbeachy's Avatar
    On BES you give up every right to privacy - the BES Admin can see everything that passes through your device, and can enable or disable every function of the device. If you are not willing to accept that or don't have a good relationship with your IT group, then there is no point in further discussion. If you find that acceptable, as I do, then
    1) Yes, you can load the company account and 9 personal accounts on the same device.
    2) No separate contact lists but you can assign them categories to kinda keep them separate.
    3) No separate BBM list.

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    02-11-10 10:28 AM