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    Boy has RIM had a tough 2011.

    If you have to fight hand to hand combat to pry a Playbook from some sales guy in the U.S. trying to push you into some other tablet or you don't want or listen to yet another ridiculous claim by the media about the Playbook being discontinued or that RIM (which is still a profitable company with positive cash flow and about to launch new products with an all new OS) is doomed. You probably feel frustrated and a bit saddened that a company that makes products you still love is getting pounded from all sides. I know I do.

    Well, I wish RIM was having its best year ever but it is not. It has been a difficult year. Still, even though market share gains are elusive I still look around at other devices out there and though some have neat features or specs I still feel the new OS7 BlackBerry Devices are the best for me. I could go into the security, e-mail, messaging, keyboard, ability to swap batteries, etc. but there is no need for that, really.
    I look at my Bold 9930 sitting faithfully on my desk with its discrete elegance and I know that it will keep me informed and in touch better than any other device out there.

    RIM may be having problems and I want them to do well but the corporate stuff is for them to work on. As a user of their stuff, what I ask about their phones and tablet is does it keep my information more securely than any other device? Does it provide me with the best reliable communications? Do I absolutely love this new keyboard and screen? I keep coming out with yes, yes, and oh yeah.

    O.K. then. I guess I'm still with RIM. Even if I have to put up with the inevitable troll comments that follow any positive statement about RIM or the fact that, at least in the U.S. we are not in the majority. I still love BB. That is pretty simple. My BlackBerry is still the one for me.

    Happy holidays to all the happy BlackBerry and CrackBerry users and here is wishing you and RIM a happy holiday season and a great 2012!

    Go RIM!
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