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    Morning everyone,

    Hope you are all well hope you dont mind me asking for some help..??
    I have a long standing client that, up to now, have been a very happy and long standing BlackBerry customer.

    Sadly they have recently told me that they intend to move away from BlackBerry and intend to move to a.n.other mobility platform the reason behind the move is because they have made a total commitment to Microsoft and that they will be deploying a massive investment in a SharePoint Document Management system.

    They have tried using BlackBerry with SharePoint and have concluded that it doesnt work.

    To make matters worse they are contemplating moving to iPhone! The costs of both the hardware and supporting the customer will go through the roof compared to continuing to use BlackBerry.

    So I could do with some help....Id like to hear from anyone who can help with either:

    a) If you are currently actively involved in a technical capacity in a company that successfully uses a SharePoint Document system that integrates with BlackBerry Id dearly like to hear from you. Id love to know how you are doing it, are you having to utilise a 3rd Party Product to make it work if so what is the cost base of the product that you are using, how stable is the installation and whats the impression of your clients using this solution.
    b) If you work for RiM (preferably in a technical capacity or close to such resource) and you can give me an honest and positive view of how RiM plan to integrate BlackBerry working with SharePoint document management in the future.

    Alternatively, if you have any constructive help and advice with the above problem id love to hear from you.

    Thanks in anticipation of the usual wonderful input and support of this forum and community.

    Regards and have a great weekend

    03-27-10 06:41 AM
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    I too am using Sharepoint now at work. Its our company's new exciting thing. I never even considered using it in a mobile. That would be interesting. I too would be interested in making BB work with Sharepoint.

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    03-27-10 09:30 AM
  3. James Stallings's Avatar
    I can't speak on behalf of RIM, but as it stands now they don't have any direct integration with SharePoint. I may know more after WES2010.

    As for 3rd party solutions, SoftArtisans provides a rich client (not browser based) solution called SilverDust (link available in my signature) that allows you to securely connect to your SharePoint sites from your BlackBerry. You can easily browse/edit document libraries and lists, approve/edit workflows, import SharePoint calendars + much more. Demo videos and free evaluation are available on the site.
    03-29-10 11:31 AM