1. Gee B's Avatar
    Hi all,

    Currently struggling with an Acer Liquid running Android 2.1, I can't wait to get back on a BlackBerry. My 2-year contract with Orange FR will end on Jan 7. From this date I should be able to get a new phone quite cheap. I'm particularly interested in a Bold model running BB6.

    Now I honestly find it very hard to wait and I'm even considering buying right now a Bold 9700. is that reasonable ?

    Could anyone tell me what the successor of the 9700 will be and if it's worth waiting ? Sorry I do not post often here nor do I have time to read everything but is an upgrade to OS6 planned for 9700 ?

    Thank you very much
    10-05-10 01:04 PM
  2. grover5's Avatar
    The rumored successor to the 9700 is the 9780 which has the same form factor but twice the memory (512 mb) and a 5 mp camera as opposed toi the 3.2 on the 9700. Those who have pre-release 9780's have said it runs faster than the 9700 and has a tighter build. The 9780 will come with OS 6 installed and is rumored to release in November I believe. The 9700 will be able to run OS 6 but it is not known when an official or leaked version will be available for it.
    10-05-10 01:33 PM