View Poll Results: Do you use your BlackBerry while driving?

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  • Never! Driving and BlackBerrying don't mix

    96 12.96%
  • Only at stoplights

    98 13.23%
  • I talk on the phone while driving

    277 37.38%
  • I email/text/message people while driving

    94 12.69%
  • I do whatever I want

    176 23.75%
12-31-07 12:07 AM
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  1. mmitchell_houston's Avatar
    Sigh. I'm torn on this. On the one hand, I'm against "Big Brother" watching every little thing we do. On the other, I'm tired of morons doing stupid things like texting while driving down the road. I think a reasonable alternative would be to require headsets or hands-free units while talking on the phone.
    12-26-07 09:30 AM
  2. MaryAdams's Avatar
    i would hate to see more laws about phone use, but definitely should rule out texting and emailing while driving - that is definitely a hazard.
    12-26-07 10:10 AM
  3. sadijac's Avatar
    I don't see how talking on the phone is much different from singing with the radio as long as a hands-free headset is used. Texting while stopped is okay, but not while driving.
    12-26-07 10:36 AM
  4. rmartin18966's Avatar
    texting w/driving=bad
    12-26-07 03:26 PM
  5. Marathon_Princess's Avatar
    I think it should be illegal to talk on any cellphone while driving without using handsfree kit.
    12-26-07 03:47 PM
  6. haspatel's Avatar
    Absolutely no texting and no use of cellphone without handsfree kit
    12-26-07 04:32 PM
  7. lakerbooker's Avatar
    no, shouldnt be illegal to talk while driving.. studies show that listening to the radio while driving is equally as shouldnt be able to use the email or other functions though while driving..
    12-26-07 04:50 PM
  8. rscope's Avatar
    No, it should not be illegal per se. But it could be a contributing cause to an accident, etc.
    12-26-07 05:46 PM
  9. boomer77's Avatar
    ABSOLUTELY..........I dont mind people using their phones while driving however I do not think they should be allowed to "play" with it while they are driving. I mean no dialing, texting, emailing and the such.
    12-26-07 06:19 PM
  10. Mark Pritchard's Avatar
    I think Blackberry users should be responsible enough to not need legislation to keep people "off" their Blackberrys and phones while driving
    12-26-07 07:33 PM
  11. SSchweitzer's Avatar
    They better not pass a law about using your BB while driving.

    I will probably be the first person to get locked up for it. hahaha

    I return calls, texts and emails when I driving around all day. This is the reason that I have a BB. A phone holder in the car would be the best. It sucks having to keep pulling it out of my holster attached to the hip and it would put my phone in reach.
    12-26-07 10:00 PM
  12. hailing's Avatar
    Banning mobile phone use in the car would never work - however, I do think, for safety reasons, the use of handsfree devices (ie, Bluetooth headsets) should be mandatory.
    12-26-07 11:22 PM
  13. duperdog's Avatar
    Only when they make eating, putting on makeup and reading illegal while driving as well. Maybe even playing with your Nav or tuning the Sat radio too.
    12-26-07 11:38 PM
  14. blackmannx's Avatar
    I don't text while Driving... I do however talk through the magic of Bluetooth! I am just waiting for a speech to text app that will let me do both!!
    12-27-07 09:12 AM
  15. Andr0idRulesSupreme42's Avatar
    I believe BB use during driving should be banned. Theres already enough bad drivers on the road, this would even make it worse (using BB while driving). Ive seen too many young people die because of using the phone while driving, its not worth it. If its important to use your phone no matter BB get a hands free headset.

    I'm one that doesn't use my BB during driving no matter what. Even with my BB addiction. I would be upset, really upset if someone hit me because they were on there phone. Its a risk not worth taking. Please drive safely everyone, stay off your BB.
    12-27-07 09:57 AM
  16. mcrock's Avatar
    I think it should be illegal for everyone other than me.
    Seriously, though, I think it is reasonable to outlaw typing while moving and talking without a hands-free or speakerphone.
    12-27-07 11:47 AM
  17. dispatcher307's Avatar
    I do far for CrackBerrying than I should when I drive. My bad.
    12-27-07 12:00 PM
  18. NikonNurse's Avatar
    I occasionally text while driving...bad habit...
    12-27-07 12:49 PM
  19. mbrouill's Avatar

    Driving and BlackBerries don't mix
    12-27-07 01:08 PM
  20. phm3933's Avatar
    Probably, but I don't think it would stop us.
    12-27-07 01:10 PM
  21. Piney Boy#CB's Avatar
    No the laws we have do not need to be that specific. The current state laws dealing with distractions are more than enough to handle the problems caused by phone/BB usage. What we do not need is to have our lives micro managed by state officials.
    12-27-07 01:36 PM
  22. Indyjohn61's Avatar
    NO! But just like most things, if people would just use some basic common sense then this wouldnt even be an issue!
    12-27-07 01:43 PM
  23. ModemJunki's Avatar
    I don't use any mobile devices when I drive. Not just for safety - I simply don't like to always be "on call". Commuting time is my decompression chamber!
    12-27-07 01:44 PM
  24. gixmo's Avatar
    Handsfree.. No

    The rest, Yes

    12-27-07 01:59 PM
  25. Ginx's Avatar
    Living in Long Island where it is Illegal to use a cellphone or BB (and yet everyone still does) I don't know how effective the law is or to be more precise, how effective the penalties are. If you had to spend a night at the precinct if caught using a cellular device no one would be using them and the roads would be a safer place. That goes along with reading, eating and smoking. All these activities require you to take your focus off the road which increase the probability of an accident.
    12-27-07 02:21 PM
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