View Poll Results: Do you use your BlackBerry while driving?

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  • Never! Driving and BlackBerrying don't mix

    96 12.96%
  • Only at stoplights

    98 13.23%
  • I talk on the phone while driving

    277 37.38%
  • I email/text/message people while driving

    94 12.69%
  • I do whatever I want

    176 23.75%
12-31-07 12:07 AM
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  1. declarenucleaire's Avatar
    no way! responsibility is a must, though.
    12-24-07 08:30 PM
  2. Tofuspeedstar's Avatar
    I talk while I drive, but I try not to text unless it's important.
    12-24-07 08:55 PM
  3. g888's Avatar
    You can't stop people from doing all the stupid things that they do to keep themselves distracted from driving. They listen to their music and dance crazy, or they drink a soda while reading the paper and so on. You can't make everything illegal, people have to have some sense. Ticket them for reckless driving if they do it and take their license for any number of driving stupidity offenses.
    12-24-07 09:03 PM
  4. yankees2949's Avatar
    I agree, I dont think it should be illegal to talk on the phone while driving
    12-24-07 09:41 PM
  5. eMale714's Avatar
    Maybe. i can see how it could pose a safety hazard.
    12-24-07 11:43 PM
  6. crumrine's Avatar
    I find it a little dangerous using my Blackberry while driving. But I still do it. I would still do it if the government passed laws restricting it. I don't think there is a need for extra laws here - time will tell with the new cell phone laws.
    12-25-07 12:06 AM
  7. evilblackberry's Avatar
    It should be illegal if you're texting while driving.
    12-25-07 12:49 AM
  8. hambubba's Avatar
    Umm... maybe there should have been an option for "occasionally check the random web page for weather and / or traffic, and answer that text message from my poor bedridden mother".

    Oh. That's too long.
    12-25-07 07:27 AM
  9. plucky10's Avatar
    I try to refrain from using my BB while driving. Its very tempting, but I seem to think of all those Priceless commercials and how I would be next. Blackberry $200, Car $25000, trying to text while driving and rear ending some old hag for driving too slow... Priceless.. lol
    12-25-07 12:01 PM
  10. hpatelmd's Avatar
    In the UK, cell phone use while driving has been against the law for a few years - unless a bluetooth headset is used. Now there's talk of sending offenders (in UK) to jail!
    12-25-07 12:10 PM
  11. NikeJohn's Avatar
    Yes, unfortunately I do use it while driving
    12-25-07 12:22 PM
  12. gsdiener's Avatar
    If we all are smart enough we would not use mobile where they would be unsafe. There would not be a need for the goverment to make a law
    12-25-07 12:42 PM
  13. anon(153966)'s Avatar
    I'm sorry! I know I shouldn't email / text while driving, but I find it hard not to!

    Sometimes while driving, I come up with the best ideas, and if I don't email about it, or add a task in my BlackBerry about it, I'll forget (old age!)...
    12-25-07 02:50 PM
  14. crackberryvibaah's Avatar
    not a LAW.. shouldn't go to that extreme.. I think we just need to use it responsibly while driving..for that matter anything...
    12-25-07 06:22 PM
  15. grifinvest's Avatar
    new driver, just believe in playing it safe on the road.
    12-25-07 07:05 PM
  16. solah's Avatar
    If it's hands free talking it should be fine, but making that illegal would be like making talking to someone in the car illegal.
    12-25-07 09:13 PM
  17. hooliganrugger's Avatar
    Nah, but I think mandatory hands-free devices should be enforced. Let's just hope that most folks out there use some common sense and take into account weather/driving conditions when they decide to take that call or not.
    12-25-07 09:39 PM
  18. nebula's Avatar
    absolutely pass a law, but only enforce it if it causes an accident -- kinda like the seat belt law. You don't HAVE to wear a belt if you don't get pulled over and they can't pull you over JUST for that but if they just cram it down, everyone will be fighting it or it will get out of hand. If they are too lax, it will never happen. Thats my idea.
    12-25-07 10:07 PM
  19. KG1's Avatar
    Sure probably makes sense, but whos gonna follow the rules. Just get a jawbone, it rocks!!!

    Posted from my CrackBerry at
    12-25-07 11:23 PM
  20. Baroness110902's Avatar
    I do think it should be illegal. If it was, I might not talk as much while driving, but at least the roads would be that much safer with less distracted drivers.
    12-25-07 11:27 PM
  21. scmurphy13's Avatar
    i talk on it while driving but i try not to e-mail anyone or text anyone while driving...unless it's really important.
    12-26-07 12:03 AM
  22. pdog305's Avatar
    driving a car is like having a loaded gun, it can kill if not used responsibly. i also live in miami where everyone drives like maniacs. not exactly the best scenario to be distracted on my bb. i only use it on stop lights or stop and go rush hour traffic. other than that i'm always focused on the road.
    12-26-07 12:54 AM
  23. louge's Avatar
    I talk while driving, but there are some drivers out there that definitely shouldn't be talking on their cell phones, much less driving a car.
    12-26-07 01:00 AM
  24. jondakid's Avatar
    Since I drive a manual car, really hard to use a phone for anything and drive. So I only only my blackberry at stop lights

    Posted from my CrackBerry at
    12-26-07 04:34 AM
  25. btownsoccerstud's Avatar
    **** no!!!!!! Maybe text messaging but not regular phone talking.
    12-26-07 08:52 AM
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