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    I have looked within these threads in hopes of finding a clear answer to my question prior to posting, but thus far no luck. So, I apologize in advance if this question seems silly or obvious, but I'm a new user so please be gentle

    I have a data plan; but, in the interest of saving on usage when possible, I am interested in setting my 8530 Curve to default to my wifi access for internet browsing should I need it when I'm at home.

    Can someone please tell me if it is, in fact, possible to set this default so my BB will use wifi FIRST instead of my provider, and if so.....the steps to do this?

    Much appreciated!
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    You can set WiFi to the preferred access method but it will not give you the result you are looking for. It is in the Options, Mobile Network and if you look down there is Connection Preference which you can set to "Wi-Fi Preferred." But there is a catch. To offload bandwith from your carrier, RIM uses your WiFi connection for BIS data on newer devices. If your WiFi emblem on your device is lit up bright, instead of dimmed, then you are now accessing BIS over WiFi. To your carrier's delight all your data is now being streamed over your WiFi internet connection and costing them nothing. But since you are still connected to BIS it will count as data on your plan with your carrier. Pretty clever of them rascals, isn't it? I am in Thailand and my WiFi normally shows a Thailand IP, but when my WiFi on my BB is lit up, my IP is now a RIM IP based in Canada. I have unlimited data so it doesn't bother me. But if you are on a metered data plan you kind of get screwed in the deal.
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