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    Hey, I had a couple questions about how to set my blackberry up;

    How do i get it to ring and vibrate when someone calls or msges.??

    How can i change the applications that appear on my homepage (the mainscreen) that i want?? i want my address book, calander ect. to show up, but instead it's "downloads", "facebook", "start up wizard" etc.

    How do i change the ring tone for when i recieve text, e-mails and calls, so that they are all different??

    05-05-08 12:58 PM
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    Duplicate post... http://forums.crackberry.com/f2/set-up-stuff-33685/
    05-05-08 01:23 PM
  3. DearFloyd's Avatar
    Unfortunately you wont get it to ring and vibrate, only ring then vibrate.

    In order to do that you have to go into profiles, then advanced, then highlight the one you want to edit and hit menu, then edit.

    In order to move icons, highlight it, then select move, then move it to the top using the trackball. For zen themes, the first 5 or 6 at the top are the icons that will be on the main screen.
    05-05-08 01:25 PM
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    Even seen a wasted post? Theres one right above.
    05-05-08 01:26 PM