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    Hi everybody! I have a problem with my Service books and even my Operator can't help me. Geolocation menu is inactive, shows Wireless interface: N/A, also under GPS menu "Location data" is missing. If I delete "BlackBerry Maps (Lbs Config)" service book everything is fixed except teh Maps menu under Options-Advanced. It says Default Service: None. So there must be a conflict between Geolocation, GPS and BBMaps. How can I fix that? The operator told me to clear any previous IT Policy by Reset to factory under CMD in Windows. I did that, but when I generate report in the Geolocation menu it says: IT Policy: Enabled?!? I'm stuck here with this annoying problem and cannot figure otu how to solve it. Will be very grateful, if someone can help me. Thank you in advance! Regards!
    03-24-10 12:29 PM
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    That is what the report says:

    Handheld Model: 9000
    Branding: RIM-Branded
    Activation Status: Not Activated
    Device PIN: 255ac53d
    Active WAF: GSM
    Battery Level: 45%
    Available Transports: WLAN BIS TCP
    Cell Towers In View:
    Unique ID: 0284001f52080100000b56
    RSSI: -96

    Geolocation Servicebook:
    Geolocation Servicebook is Unavailable
    IT Policy: Enabled

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    03-24-10 01:04 PM