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    My contacts in my address book are all messed up - even though i have my google sync settings to not sync contacts the other day when i added some addresses to my gmail account they all appeared on my contact list and when i would search for a name with a letter only those would come up and the only way for me to see the rest of my contacts was to scroll all the way up.... now after doing a battery pull when you go into my address book the only contacts that come up are "voice dial" and if you search for someone there are only a few contacts! now if you go into my call log the names and number of people who are in my contact list come up there but i cannot access them in my address book - same as in my sms/mms log! I dont understand I am assuming it has something to do with google sync but I cannot figure it out - PLEASE HELP!

    06-10-10 06:43 AM