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    I switch back and forth from a 9000 to a 9700 daily. I have only one phone #. One SIM. Its sunday night and I had an email sitting in my 9000 that I wanted to have on my 9700 for tomorrow morning. So I figured, let me try an experiment.
    I queued up the email on the 9000, I set it up to forward to one of my yahoo accounts that I have on my BIS. I took off the battery cover. Clicked 'send' and immediately pulled the battery.
    Took the SIM out of my 9000 and popped it into my 9700. Here's where I get confused. I had not yet registered the 9700 on the network, nor moved or validated any of my email accounts to the 9700. Yet there was my email, now sitting in the 9700. It was not in my yahoo folder, as that was not even on the device yet (pre move of email accounts) it was in my messages folder. Addressed to my yahoo account that was not even setup on the 9700 yet.

    I guess what I'm asking here is: How do it know?
    How was an email sent from one device to another without registering the IMEI and PIN on BIS? I used my @blackberry.net email to send it and a yahoo to receive. So its always instantaneous. Could the lag time have been a factor?

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    04-11-10 09:37 PM