1. JGK03's Avatar
    The title seems somewhat obscure but hopefully I can get my question across properly.

    I looked through the forums for similar threads, but none of them seem to be specific enough.

    I want to be able to read an email from my Blackberry and have the email shown as being read when I log onto the computer. It's my school email so I'm not 100% sure about servers or anything. It says Microsoft Office Outlook Web Access at the corner of my account, maybe that helps.

    A second question: On my old Pearl I used to be able to delete the email from my handheld and from my inbox entirely, but now on my new Pearl I don't seem to get the option of deleting it completely from the inbox. Is this still possible to do with the Pearl 3G?

    Any advice would be great, thanks!
    09-17-10 12:55 PM
  2. diaz1023's Avatar
    #1 There are only certain accounts that will be marked as read on the computer once opened on the BB. I believe that your school one is not one, i know that gmail, hotmail, msn are a few. not sure about aol and yahoo. you will need to be on a BES in order to have the others marked as read

    #2 depending on the account (gmail, msn, et.al ) you should have the ability to do this, you will need to check the email setup for each account and make sure that the box for sycning deleted items is checked.

    Hope this helps
    09-17-10 01:24 PM
  3. iMiiTH's Avatar
    Gmail IMAP works for this. I don't know about the others, there's also an option in Gmail that if emails are accessed (downloaded) they'll be marked as read aswell. :|
    09-17-10 06:13 PM