1. f4ipilot's Avatar
    After reading the post titeled [U]Five ways to secure your blackberry[U] I have a few questions about security. In Options>Security Options>General Settings, is there a way to enable content protection without enabeling the device password? I do not want to have a device password enabled just due to the hassle of typing it in many times throughout the day to use my blackberry. Also does the firewall only block SMS, PIN and BIS services, or does it block hacking attempts also similar to a firewall on a computer? Is there any other security options to block hacks and help secure my data on my blackberry? Lastly, how secure is the data in the passwork keeper? Is there any chance that data could be hacked into? I appreciate any input and advice anybody has. Thanks.
    01-14-09 08:57 AM
  2. Reed McLay's Avatar
    The password is a critical element in device security. It is not possible to have content protection without a password.

    Password keeper is pretty well bullet proof. The geeks at Research in Motion take that sort of thing very seriously. Nobody gets past their security.

    01-14-09 12:07 PM