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    reading the posts they seem to all be about the s9. I am having a problem with the S9 HD. the first pair worked great for a month then the music would stop coming out the headphones, would just come out the phone. so got a another pair, and went from an 8900 to a BOLD 9000. same thing. slacker, pandora, i-heart radio. won't stay connected. i thought the S9 & the HD were the latest, greatest. Motorola says they have not heard of any such issues, but based on the posts here, I don't believe them. I am waiting to hear from slacker and RIM. no answer yet.
    anyone find any fixes??
    10-16-09 09:31 PM
  2. Nyteryder3's Avatar
    I had a BOLD 9700 and I used my SD9 headphones all the time at the gym and at work and never had a problem with them losing their connection to my phone. However, I just switched to the TORCH 9800 and they will not connect to use as headphones. They will connect as a handsfree device and will allow me to make or receive calls using them but I cannot listen to music through them. I don't know if these two issues are related but if anyone knows please post.
    09-22-10 10:55 AM
  3. aanarchyy's Avatar
    I'm listening to them as I type this, had mine for about a month and I have few issues with them. Occasionally they do blip out on me, aside from the obvious "they suck next to the microwave". They do seem to be a bit sensitive to interfering radio.

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    10-06-10 05:51 PM