1. kjpjd's Avatar
    I am going to make the switch from the curve 8330 to the storm. How do I move my apps from the sd card in my curve to the sc card in the storm. Once I make the transfer do I need to register everything before I can use the app, or will they just work?
    02-28-09 10:28 AM
  2. jeffh's Avatar
    Apps typically aren't stored on SD cards, and often do have the device pin coded into them when you register them. Some apps allow you to change devices, some require you to purchase a new license. Unless the card in the Storm is bigger, or you have some other reason for wanting to use it, just put the card from the Curve into the Storm.

    If you do want to transfer from one card to the other, enable Mass Storage Mode and copy all the files from the Curve card to your PC, then connect the Storm and copy all the files from the PC to the Storm card. But that's unnecessary work unless you have some reason to use the Storm card.
    02-28-09 10:52 AM