1. teal's Avatar
    I did search for help on this one to no avail but I copied lots of pictures to my SD card (4 GB) this evening to about 60% capacity. I did this by copying from my PC drive and dropping the folder on to the card under my computer. I thought this was quick and easy. When I went to view the pictures, the BB locked up. When I finally pulled the card the BB became operational. I am guessing this was a "no no" and have to move media items via Destop Mgr. only. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks as always folks. I'd be lost w/o you.
    08-25-08 06:31 PM
  2. jcj1's Avatar
    I drop and drag files via my computer easy enough without error. How many files were you trying to copy at 1 time?
    08-25-08 06:41 PM
  3. griphon's Avatar
    You should not have a problem with this. Two questions: the size of the files you were uploading and how many memmory available you had in your phone in that moment?
    08-25-08 07:04 PM
  4. Redneckbutlerboy's Avatar
    Did you put the card in the phone and format it first?
    08-25-08 07:06 PM
  5. teal's Avatar
    I had been using the card for much smaller files with no problem. One file was 775 MB the other 665 MB. I formated the card when first installed. My phone had a little over 50% free memory when I loaded the files on to the SD card.
    08-25-08 07:22 PM