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    When I bought my torch, I bought a case for it, but not screen protectors. After being done with using the case (Found it a little ugly and could access the trackpad as easily) I decided to get some screen protectors. I bought a pack of 3, and as soon as I got home tried putting them on. Wrecked the first 2, got the 3rd one on perfectly. I noticed that they it got dirtier then my actual screen a lot faster, and it was harder to clean(not saying it was hard to clean, just didn't clean as fast as bare screen). So I'm just wondering, does anyone actually find them useful?
    02-07-11 05:45 AM
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    I bought a screen protector and didnt care for it. I kept getting air bubbles underneath.
    02-07-11 05:58 AM
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    It all depends on the quality of the protector. This is one of those case where you get what you pay for. I have the ghost armor protector(just the screen part) and it works flawlessly, no dirtier then the normal screen(had it on there for the last 5 months), barely even know its there. Seeing as I just got a refurb(had to make an insurance claim) and am using it naked until GA sends me a new one, I can honestly say I don't even notice a difference other then I'm worried about scratching the screen.
    02-07-11 06:57 AM
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    I've had a Stealth Guard protector on my 9800 for months and it is flawless. I would not own a BlackBerry without some sort of screen protection.

    Prior to the 9800 I used the Best Screen Ever protector exclusively. Quality is everything.
    02-07-11 07:02 AM
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    I would use a screen protector if I found one that worked good. That makes it seem like the actual screen. I bought Casemates screen protector, I think. I didn't like those ones at all. I couldn't tell it was there other then it showed my fingerprints far more then my bare screen did. Within this week I will go to the store and look for the 2 you two, ^ and ^^, mentioned. I'm hoping they are better then what I had.
    02-07-11 07:16 AM
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    I use a otter box gel skin for my 9330 and it came with a screen protector! Never had any problems with it.. I put it on the day I bought my phone back in october and its still looks brand new.. No bubbles or lift ups anywhere... Gotta have a screen protector for those small scratches you get from keys and earrings you know!!

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    02-07-11 09:07 AM
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    @McStoner: I doubt you'll find either retail but the ZAGG Invisible Shield should be easy to find. It is also a good product. My only objection is that it is too pricey when compared to similar, or in the case of BSE, better products.

    Stealth Guard - free with $2.85 shipping - Blackberry Torch 9800 - Cell Phones

    Best Skins Ever (BSE) - Blackberry Torch 9800 Skin
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