1. Dcouturier1979's Avatar
    Need help!!

    I just recently purchased a new 8330 from Alltel. Works great, and love everything it does. Only.......maybe it does something too well(4me)?? Being a former WM user, I'm extremely impressed with the push email but have a question.

    Here is my situation:

    I work Monday thru Friday, and spend half of each day at my office in-front of my computer, and the other half of each day out of the office with clients. While at the office I receive on average of 50 emails/day, and another 50 while out of the office. Is there any way or any program that will turn off, prevent, or disable the push email feature, either for a certain time period each day or directly on the phone while I'm at the office?

    Going through all those emails twice each day is not fun.
    Any input would be greatly appreciated.
    08-18-08 06:14 AM
  2. iPhone0001's Avatar
    Dan, I don't believe it is possible. If the data is turned on and you have accounts in BIS, you will get the email. There is no other way to turn this off. I am not sure if this is different with BES. I am sure other CB members will chime in on this, so stay tuned ...
    08-18-08 06:24 AM