1. glasgowceltic's Avatar
    Hello. Would anybody recommend sccope uk?
    And when I download it what permissons do i put?

    Thanks hope somebody writes back
    02-03-12 03:15 PM
  2. shaeba007's Avatar
    I have been using Sccope UK for over an year now and it works like a dream on my Torch 9860. It has one of the most reliable bar code scanners which works on blackberry. it compares prices with most high street retailers and I have found a bargain every time i used the app . This coupled with the personalised offers sent to me, I would say it is one of the best BB apps I have. There are other cool features, like price drop alerts( alerts me when the price of a product drops) , wish lists etc. The only negative thing i found was that it could not do price comparison for groceries. Other than that it is A++++. I have recommended it to my friends ,relatives and most of them use it now, either on BB /android /iphone.
    02-07-12 03:35 AM
  3. Dugganm's Avatar
    I used to use it, and while the bar code scanning was useful, it wasnt always very accurate with the pricing. The emails I used to recieve from the App (or was it notifications?), from what i remember became incredibly annoying so I uninstalled it!
    02-07-12 03:53 AM
  4. trucky's Avatar
    I've used it off and on for about a year. It's pretty cool when it works but I've found it hit and miss with product barcodes being available through it.
    02-07-12 08:16 AM