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    So there was a post for a Sprint 9650 in my area. We meet I trade this guy an ipod touch for the phone. Long story short, this phone is unbranded and active on nTelos. I can call, text, and use data. I call the guy and he tells me that he's sorry for the mixup. He had 2 posts 1 for a Sprint 9650 and 1 for an nTelos 9650. But he had already sold the Sprint 9650. The phone is brand new just as he stated in the post and the phone itself had been wiped. Its been on for 2 days now and no texts phone calls or anything have come in.

    Anyway, I ask the guy who's line this was activated on. He said it was his old number. Then he proceeds to tell me that I can use the phone if I'd like to (thats where it gets weird). He tells me that he has payed the bill 1 month in advance and I have unlimited everything until December 2nd as thats when his month ends. (assuming he has a prepaid line) He then gives me his name, birthday, and tells me I can call nTelos to confirm. Now of course when I call they (nTelos) dont tell me anything beyond the phone is active on that account. Now what I need to know from the crackberry faithful is:

    1) If I use this phone for data (BBM, Email) will what I send and receive be available to this guy if he choses to call in and "investigate"?

    2) I have a AT&T account as well as Sprint, can I unlock this 9650 and use it on AT&T while it is active on nTelos or do I have to wait until I can confirm it has been released on December 2nd?

    3) Should I just report it to the local authorities for fraud as I may be running up "some old lady's or man's bill"?

    Its long winded but I really need to get someone with better knowledge than I to help me understand my options...please no ignorant answers, Im really looking for good guidance here. Thanks.
    11-07-10 02:45 PM
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    My concern, is what if he has insurance on it and calls it in lost or stolen a month from now? He gets a new one and you end up with a blacklisted paper weight. I don't know what to tell you other than you have no control in this situation. Personally, I wouldn't want to be involved. If it's a legit deal he should have released his name, number and pin from the account. Sounds like a scam. I was told the best way to buy a phone from a stranger is to have them meet you at the carriers store. Then you can have it released and setup all in one step.

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    11-07-10 03:58 PM