01-17-11 04:14 PM
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  1. keithme77's Avatar
    Hi! Seems "ABC Amber's BlackBerry Converter" no longer either exists or you can't buy it any more.. anyone have any ideas??

    10-31-10 02:03 PM
  2. jbeachy's Avatar
    Hi! Seems "ABC Amber's BlackBerry Converter" no longer either exists or you can't buy it any more.. anyone have any ideas??


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    11-01-10 08:36 PM
  3. beauknowz's Avatar

    does anyone know of an app either for your PC or BB that lets you back up your sms messages and view them in a threaded format (conversation format as i call it) on your PC.

    A friend of mine runs Mac/iphone and was able to dowload a program called phoneview and is able view on their computer, any and all, new and old sms conversations in the bubble format as it appears on their phone. furthermore they can save it to PDF and print it off if they so choose.

    I've been looking around for a about a week and all the programs that i seem to find are ones that forward the sms message to an email address... which is kinda annoying to read that way. and the one program that had some promise was 3jam but it doesn't address your older and already stored messages on you BB. Only works on new messages.
    11-12-10 10:29 PM
  4. beauknowz's Avatar
    Hey Kiethme77...

    3 jam might work for you... so long as you don't need old messages.

    if you come accross something better please let me know... i am looking for something that will address messages that are stored on my device.
    11-12-10 10:35 PM
  5. shox974's Avatar
    is somebody can help me to buy this software "abc amber blackberry converter" please.
    11-15-10 03:58 AM
  6. breakmedown's Avatar
    11-15-10 08:37 AM
  7. macintoshmac's Avatar
    Are you kidding? The guy is probably right in asking how to purchase. Clicking the Buy Now button only takes down to How To Order and it contains nothing but testimonials.
    11-15-10 10:12 AM
  8. Syntax 86#CB's Avatar
    Hey, after reading endless forum posts and comments and googling for almost an hour, I stumbled upon a FREE alternative to the acclaimed "ABC Blackberry", IPDDump.

    Like ABC' it extracts your information from a blackberry backup IPD and with it being written in Java it is multi-OS compatible (Mac/Windows/Linux). The issue i was having tho was that i was working with Blackberry Desktop Manager on the Mac which doesn't work with *.IPD file instead some fool thought it'd be a good idea to use *.BBB instead. And with there being no tool for converting *.BBB files to *.IPD i was well an truly screwed. Well until i started messing around with the file type, trying to find one that opened it up so i could browse.

    In the end changing the *.BBB file extension to *.Zip and then opening it up revealed the sub-files, in-turn revealing a *.IPD file which you can open with IPDDump to reveal your SMS, Contacts, Memos, Tasks, Call Logs & Calendars to which you can then save them (back them up) to your PC/Mac as you wish

    Link to IPDDump hosted by google and is listed below:
    ipddump - Project Hosting on Google Code

    This method has worked wonders for me save having all my blackberry stuff in one big file i "couldn't" access. Hope this helps any other people with the same issue..

    Jimmy B

    PS. Cant post the link due to only just joining the forum to post this post
    01-08-11 10:28 AM
  9. johnripper's Avatar
    I will use this thread for an simular request: Is there an app that does nothing else than just saving sent and received SMS to an email folder?
    Is is not a too specific action isnt it?
    01-17-11 04:14 PM
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