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    Remember folks that 80% of anything is pretty easy. It's the last 20% that's hard. But you don't need it all to sell the hell out of it, and if you give enterprise users a way to carry only one device yet give up nothing in terms of both personal use and enterprise security you will have a huge win.

    Nobody does it today, but BlackBerry is the closest with Balance. Simply resolving 1-3 up above would get the small business user (without BES/Balance, where "corporate" and "personal" are not really separate) security for email where he needs it while they can run their own private VPN and get all data traffic secured, while not compromising functionality.

    For that larger enterprise where "personal" and "corporate" are truly separate you'd have a dual-attach, dual-personality device that has both personal and business segments with full separation and capability on two separate carrier accounts, even on different carriers! Now the corporation that wants to issue a device and have control over it can, while at the same time the user can put his own SIM into it and on Balance have that attached to the personal side.

    That's an unbeatable combination.
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    Please see the ongoing discussion on this topic here: http://forums.crackberry.com/news-ru...s-knox-944784/
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