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    Below are the steps that I've taken to try and get S/MIME working on my Blackbery Torch. I'm not sure, but do I have to make BES changes here or is this all on the handheld?

    1. Im currently running the Blackberry Torch 9800 with OS 6. I was sent a certificate to view a secure portal and read S/MIME e-mail from a third party.

    2. Access to the HTTPS portal works fine from the phone, but I cant read the e-mail from them thats been signed and encrypted. I get the following error in the e-mail message:

    "This Message was S/MIME encrypted but your device cannot decrypt it. Please read this message on your desktop."

    3. When I go to the certificates on the phone it says Unknown Chain Status on the cert that I imported and I cant fetch the chain status.
    I tried re-importing the certificate again and rebooting the phone without success.

    4. I have the S/MIME application downloaded and installed on my Blackberrry.

    10-11-10 03:40 PM