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    I have been with Rogers for about 9 years and I find that in Canada they are the best of a bad bunch. Recently I was in Reno visiting my relatives and I found out Verizon had a program for both Canada & the U.S. It has worked super and the service is much better than at home. I get 900 daytime minutes in Canada or the U.S. for $79.00 which includes voice mail, call display, call forwarding something as you know we pay for at home. The features for keeping track of minutes used are very impressive and it is very easy to contact customer service by phone or email. When in Europe texts are $.05 incoming and $.50 outgoing vs Rogers @ $.60 in and out. Calls incoming in Europe were $.98 per min, calls back to Canada are the same vs Rogers @ $2.00 for the same calls. On the data usage I paid $60.00 for a month which was unlimited for emails, browsing vs. Rogers which would do no package and cost me about $225 for that alone over there last year. Anyone near the border could save money as shown by obtaining a Verizon phone.

    Darryl Tedford
    09-20-08 10:18 PM