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    The phone is a 9900 normally on T-mobile US. The OS is leaked beta I don't know if this is a T-mobile question, an OS question, or a generic BB question. I'm assuming the latter until I know otherwise.

    I'm on vacation in Taipei. Before leaving, I had T-mobile put the unlimited BB international roaming email on my account. We had a short stopover in Japan and I noticed that I had no data connection, just SOS. Got to Taiwan last night and foind the same here.

    Specifically, when I power up the phone or do a reset, I see five bars for about a second, then it goes to red SOS "emergency calls only" status. If I check in Options>Mobile Network, it'll tell me that I'm connected to one of the area networks. Manage Connections>Service Status shows the network name, but shows me Not Connected, Emergency Only, BIS Not Connected. Device Status Information shows signal -88 dBm.

    This morning, I called T-mobile support on tbeir international number, using my son's low end Android phone on AT&T, which worked perfectly, by the way. Tmo "reset me on the network" but that had no effect. They didn't know what else to do, and since the call was hideously expensive, I couldn't hang around to discuss it forever.

    I guess this could be a case of being screwed by the beta OS, but I'm posting this to see if anyone has any other ideas. I'll be here for two weeks, and I'd like to have email.

    Thanks folks.
    01-09-12 07:20 AM
  2. _StephenBB81's Avatar
    What does T-Mobiles Roaming map look like?

    What are the Frequencies used by the Local Taipei teleco's?
    Do you have your phone set for 3G+/2G? 3G only?
    do you have data off when roaming?
    01-09-12 07:33 AM
  3. ubizmo's Avatar
    For the sake of closure, here's what fixed the problem.

    Battery pull, with 5 minute wait before putting it back in. It took a few tries but this finally worked.
    01-14-12 05:52 PM