1. alarmblip's Avatar
    I made two new ringtones the other day using the same program that I've always used to make ringtones and I transferred the ringtones over to my memory card. When I put my memory card in my phone all of my old ringtones are there but my new ones are no where to be found. I put my memory card back into my computer to see if they were still there but there they were in the ringtone folder along with all of my old ringtones. So I put the memory card back into my phone and they still weren't there. Then I did a battery pull and they still weren't there. I went out and bought a larger memory card (I had a 2gb now I have a 4gb) as I did not know what else to do. I transferred all of my files from my old memory card to my new memory card including the two new ringtones I had created. I put the new memory card in my phone and voila! All of my old ringtones are still there but my new ringtones still unfortunately are not. So then I did a battery pull with the new memory card. Still no luck. I even re-exported the ringtones into more compressed mp3s and then less compressed. All of my other ringtones are mp3s but I thought well maybe if I turn it into a wav file. Still no luck. I honestly feel like I am running out of options to make this darn thing work. I have a blackberry 8520. If any one else has any ideas it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
    04-20-10 01:08 AM
  2. Tiassa's Avatar
    Could the problem be with the fact that some ringtones are stored on the device memory and some on the memory card? I was trying to give a ringtone to a friend so I plugged my BB into his computer (which didn't have DM installed), and while his computer recognized the phone as a mass storage device, it didn't see the device memory, only the memory card.
    04-20-10 09:29 AM
  3. usernam9102's Avatar
    Email the ringtones to your phone
    04-20-10 09:37 AM
  4. alarmblip's Avatar
    All the files are definitely on the memory card. Interestingly enough, e-mailing the ringtones to myself did work, although not right away. I had to take the memory card out, put it into my computer and then back into my phone for them to appear in my ringtones folder. Also e-mailing them to myself my blackberry knew the original files were there because it made me rename the new files. Then after everything was said and done I decided to delete the original files off the memory card. After that I put the memory card back in and then the new ones weren't there anymore. So I just downloaded them again and now only one of them is showing up but thankfully the one that isn't showing up is the one I wanted to use for my main ringtone, the other one I made for my friend so I am able to open the attachment from my e-mail and just set it as the main ringtone. Ugh what a mess. Hahaha. Thanks a bunch!!
    04-20-10 11:49 AM