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    There was a front page post today pondering RIMs future in cloud connected cars.

    I think the answer to that is, aduh-ya.

    QNX Joins Car Connectivity Consortium

    The youtube video was dated 4 months ago and the article is a press release of QNX joining the cars connectivity consortium. Can't believe anyone would question the value of QNX or say things like "we'll if it was any good someone else would have bought QNX".

    Another thing to look at is Porsche, Audi, and BMW are already customers of QNX, amoung others. Customers

    QNX was also bought from Harman Technologies who from the looks has a long history in audio and also has been doing infotainement in cars.

    Alec answered a tweet recently saying something like 'we are way ahead of you'. I'm pretty sure in most cases this is true with RIM. No one was ever telling RIM to go out and buy QNX, jaycut, TAT, paratek, etc.... but they did and I've already seen some of the amazing progress from these acquisitions and there is more to come. They obviously have way more insight into things than I ever will so thats why I stay humble and can't understand all the bashing and hating from the the know-it-alls that think they should or even could run RIM or even question it. Its a tough ever-changing market to be in but I'm excited to see what RIM comes up with.
    04-21-12 03:08 AM