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    Ive been a loyal BB user now for 4 years and when I first went out and purchased my bold after a 30 day trial with the iphooey i knew then id stick with BB because it truly had given me the tools that I needed to get what work done that I needed to from the road.

    ive since then gone from the 9000, to the 9630 and am currently on the 9650..

    these phone have progressively gotten worse due to "bugs" in the software or poor engineering of the phone itself. I used to have to hard reset my palm once and again but I find myself doing a hard reset almost once a day now. Im just tired of it, for spending so much money on a phone to just get ******** answers that arent even solutions for the phone. im tired of getting reman'd phones and im tried of the inferior track ball to the intermittently unusable track pad.

    This was going on right now between droid and apple has bettered for the consumer and I dont see RIM shuffling their feet fast enough to design a stable OS for the user.

    the phones are still sexy as all **** and feel sturdy but the inconsistency has just pushed me over the edge.. I would LOVE a phone that I can speak into it as it translates into email or text. I would LOVE a phone that wont give me the spining clock of death after while using google maps, and speaking of.. RIMS decision to use BING as the default browser search and not allowing me to use google? SHAME ON YOU..

    I think the Droid X is the one that will make me jump ship...

    not sure if this is the right decision, but im not impressed with RIMS lack of keeping up to market par
    06-23-10 05:19 PM
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    06-23-10 05:29 PM