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    Went into an ATT store a few minutes before closing to check out the new OS 7 phones (i.e. 9810). The only BBs in the store were a silver and white placed next to an HTC (the one w/the FB button), with the silver being non-working. Also present was an older Curve. In the next section was another working silver 9810, bunched in next to an HP Veer and a couple of Samsung Win7 phones. All in all a bit disappointing given ATT has a US EXCLUSIVE on the 9810 but seems to not care about it. Anyway, suddenly I got an urge to fight back and started downloading/upgrading the apps on the silver phone. I went into BB World, updated that to 3.0 (shame that OS 7 was released before 3.0 came out). Saw that BB traffic was uninstalled (prob cause ATT wants to sell more ATT Navigator subs)...reinstalled that. With 5 min till closing, my only thought was to do my part in dispelling the "app-less" stigma of BBs. I upgraded BBM, Twitter, FB...put Flashlight on there...ok let's grab News Feed too, since OS 7 / App World works well to DL multiple apps at once. Ok, well I was out of time, but hopefully the next person to play with that Torch will be more enticed with that floor model.

    I encourage all of you to do the same. Next time I go in I'm going to put more "brand name" apps on the phone e.g. Ebay, Amazon, Groupon, BB Travel. It's an uphill fight to reverse consumer sentiments, but I care enough about RIM and resent ATT enough to do it.

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    09-10-11 10:30 PM
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    Problem is that you would have to sign in right?

    At least it would be for me. All the paid apps. lol
    09-10-11 10:41 PM
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    Hm. App World on that phone didn't ask me to sign in. In my personal App World experience, I always have to sign in, so it's unlikely that someone else's log-in is stored on that phone (unless OS 7 changed and App World passwords can be stored). In this store's floor model, anyway, I was free to download whatever free apps were in the App World. I should go back and see if it'll let me DL paid apps as well.
    09-10-11 10:50 PM
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    Did the same with PB's at best buy. It is really disappointing how A lot of BlackBerry products are just left to rot on displays.
    09-11-11 11:57 AM
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    when I went to best buy they didn't even have their playbooks connected to the wifi network.

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    09-11-11 12:23 PM