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    Coupon Code for CrackBerry members:


    gives you $5 off.


    Who else ordered theirs?


    I'm wearing this to ring in the New Year!

    White Rabbit Vinyl — PRE ORDER! RIMPIRE STRIKES BACK - CrackBerry
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    01-01-12 11:24 PM
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    merry new year
    01-01-12 11:35 PM
  3. JR A's Avatar
    You too!
    01-01-12 11:39 PM
  4. torch maniac's Avatar
    lol maybe this spirit will work for RIM
    01-02-12 12:13 AM
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    Im sure someone will ask what Rimpire is. my star wars fanboys are asking me what Rimpire is LOL
    01-02-12 12:48 AM
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    Coupon Code for CrackBerry members:


    gives you $5 off.

    Who else ordered theirs?
    01-03-12 07:25 PM
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    What's the link? I don't see it in the store?

    Edit :

    i seen the link....
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    01-03-12 07:48 PM
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    All we need now is a lawsuit from George Lucas.
    01-03-12 07:54 PM
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    It would be pretty cool if each of the seven dots that make up the BB logo were mini Death Stars.

    01-03-12 08:55 PM
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    Someone buy me this shirt please. Small. I'll rock it and post pics!
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    01-14-12 06:27 PM
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    CrackBerry Shirt

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    01-14-12 07:31 PM