1. Godzilla1965's Avatar
    That's possible. I know for myself I have and prefer a Blackberry phone over an iPhone. I was an iPhone user before. I like both but prefer Blackberry. I will be getting my Wife a new Blackberry Torch in the near future. And I am very hopeful for the success of the Playbook. I have decided to get one. It seems like the Playbook is hanging in there and is slowly making inroads. I really love the Playbook and I think it is better in most respects than other tablets.
    08-30-11 12:59 PM
  2. laurah2215's Avatar
    I think so. Stock prices are rising, OS 7 is doing well and there's not as much to complain about. Now we just need to see the PlayBook 2.0 relaunch! The PlayBook shouldn't have required a relaunch if they had just done it right to begin with, but....Anyway, yes, I do believe things are on track. C'mon, RIM!
    08-30-11 01:27 PM
  3. Godzilla1965's Avatar
    Right, I saw the article today here at Crackberry about Rim coming back a little and I felt the same. I thought it was just me. Rim did an excellent job on the Playbook. Even Apple wasn't on the ball entirely with the iPhone. I had the original. There was no app store yet and no cut and paste for instance. Those things came along later. But Rim is a competitor and with the increase of competition I think it has lit a fire under Rim's **** and they are trying harder. And I like what I see so far.
    08-30-11 05:54 PM
  4. dalton4L's Avatar
    If you consider stock prices rising back up to a fraction of what they used to be, then yes, RIM is making some headway.
    08-30-11 06:01 PM