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    RIMM missed earnings by a penny, and the stock is plummeting, down 30 percent. They need to get these new phones out ASAP, especially the Bold, or their gonna be in a tough spot. Apple has the iphone, Google has the G1, and Rimm needs ... put out this Bold.

    I have no doubt that the Bold will be a success, and the flip pearl will add more consumers, but i am VERY doubtful of the storm, i dont think it can match up against the iphone. Just my opinion.

    If you think all 3 phones will be a success, then RIMM looks good from a valuation standpoint.

    R&D will have to increase in order to compete with apple and google, so i doubt profits will be as high as before...

    RIMM bring out the BOLD before its too late! And make it good! America is your Cash Cow!
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