04-18-12 08:49 AM
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    d) there is absolutely zero shock/awe/wow factor in a BB.. the 9930 is the worlds finest "so what" phone...
    Yet putting out another black slab phone does create shock and awe?

    "Oh look - its the iphone." Black slab with one button.
    "Oh look - its the Samsung Galaxy Nexus" Black Slab with no buttons
    "Oh look - its the Droid Razr"Black slab with a few capacitive buttons.

    Not that its perfect - but the 9900 is way different than anything else out there. To speak to the contrary is ridiculous.
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    04-18-12 06:41 AM
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    I have a part-time job in retail. We will push products that make our store and our sales-staff money before other products. All of the products we sell are excellent, but some we will sell harder due to the sales incentive. These little perks make a huge difference.
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    04-18-12 08:17 AM
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    I believe, according to a stat I read in December, that Apple sells more iPhones at their brick and mortar stores(where there is a store) than through their cellular partners.
    No, carriers estimated to account for over 60% of iPhone purchases. And Best Buy! Surprised me as I too thought Apple Stores would dominate. But customers clearly still prefer/have access mainly to carrier outlets/B&M stores so good relations is definitely needed.

    When people have questions about Apple's products, they walk into an Apple store.

    I don't think RIM is in a position, or has the diversity of products to open stores around the U.S., but getting reps into stores can be of great benefit.
    Agree with both. Apple originally went their route because they realized they were getting crappy help via the B&M's sales staff. I believe that they negotiated with Best Buy that the sales reps working their store-in-stores had specific Apple training. Very helpful in working with new customers who are unfamiliar with the platform perfect for RIM.
    04-18-12 08:49 AM
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