1. stillzmatik's Avatar
    Anyone know why? Stocks just don't jump that high for no reason. The market on average gained less than a quarter point. Just wondering.

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    11-15-11 08:02 PM
  2. kevinnugent's Avatar
    More takeover rumours?
    11-15-11 08:25 PM
  3. Jake2826's Avatar
    BBM Music is blowing up.
    11-15-11 08:38 PM
  4. salexs11's Avatar
    market reacted to the announcment of the bold 9790 and the all-touch curve, 9380.

    it's probably noise...
    11-15-11 08:42 PM
  5. howarmat's Avatar
    stocks can easily jump like that....especially something that is only 20ish
    11-15-11 08:47 PM
  6. lorax1284's Avatar
    If anything the simultaneous announcement of two more OS7-based devices and the 'leak' of the so-called BBX "London" device (looking like it fell out of Ferdinand Porsche's back pocket oops) is what might have done it... maybe.

    ...but I wonder: all this talk of share price is rarely EVER accompanied by commentary about RIM's current well-publicized strategy and execution on same... they say "RIM's share price has fallen" or "RIM's share price is at a xx month low" or whatever, but they don't say "...and their approach to a unified next-generation operating system that will unite enterprise-quality security on both tablet and phone devices is..." what... WRONG? STUPID? BAD? UNSOUND? IMPOSSIBLE?

    No, because it's none of those bad things. It's very good. Smart. Wise. Enlightened even. Competitive.

    Now, if they were to comment about how RIM is EXECUTING on that smart strategy (but they don't have the technical chops / time / insights / care to actually do that) it might make for interesting business analysis and financial news reporting... but just head-hanging-head-shaking "Look what RIM has become..." nonsense is just tiresome.

    I don't care what their share price is.

    If and when BBX OS / handhelds / tablet OS update is released, if IT fails, if developers FAIL to embrace it, if it is not capable, if the devices do NOT have the features nor performance, THEN I will join the exit queue and probably pick up an iPhone 5 and / or Nexus Omega or whatever is the going device at that time... but I DO believe that RIM has the resources and skill to execute, if their developer relations team keeps up their end.

    If they aren't actually issuing NEW shares, and the share price isn't great, well, then the investors have to take a hard look at the strategy... and since the strategy IS sound, they then have to look at execution: without clear ways to IMPROVE execution... stay the course.

    It's all very simple (to me) and it's all just same-old-same-old tiresome rhetoric from the so-called financial analyst / media in the mean time.

    11-15-11 09:07 PM