05-08-12 01:48 PM
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  1. nickthebold's Avatar
    i sware if RIMs current marketing/advertising team dont get let go soon they are toast. I cannot BELIEVE they havnt noticed how sh*t theyre advertisements are let alone core marketing.
    ill admit that RIM has started to listen and pay more attention to the consumers and publics wants/needs in a growing number of areas but unfortunately they are not paying attention to probably the most important area which is marketing and advertising (obviously). and no i am not 'bashing' RIM, i am bashing theyre pathetic excuse of a marketing team.

    im sorry but im literally shocked and outraged that no one high up inside the company has said something or done something about this, how can they not notice how poorly there marketing and advertising strategies/campaigns are executed especially when they have companies like apple and samsung to learn off. quick ending example: wake up be bold campaign here in australia - the most rediculous hopeless and useless marketing ploy ive ever seen, lets count down and get everyone pumped for what? a few words about business? they may be smart words i agree but no body gives a flying f**k about some motivational business speech. omg i could go on for hours but ill stop now before the forum starts bashing me more than they probably already will for this post

    always post this at the end of my argumentative posts
    MY POST IS AN OPINION and oNLY AN OPINION - if you disagree then say it politely and i will respect you and your opinion.
    05-08-12 08:19 AM
  2. dandbj13's Avatar
    I can't imagine why RIM would want to sell a bunch of BB7 phones, and get people locked into a two or three year contract when BB10 is supposed to come out this year. If their advertising was successful, BB10 would fail. RIM loses either way. They should go dark, and spend the savings on buying app developers.
    05-08-12 08:21 AM
  3. shemaree09's Avatar
    If they're gonna spend this much PLEASE make it count!

    No more glowing bikes, no cupcake bakers, and doctors.

    Just show the damn phone and what it can do!!!

    Many people still dont know the new Bold has a touchscreen or improved web browser.

    Also, show the phone BRIDGED to a Playbook!!

    C'mon RIM! I cant believe they have missed the obvious so many times!
    05-08-12 01:48 PM
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