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    You know what? I think RIM know what they're doing. They know they're flopping, or as the economy says, "dying" , but if they know they're dying, and know their net profit etc is going WAYYY down hill, why would they keep delaying? I think that they are not only looking for the PERFECT time to release BB10 devices, but they are proving Analysts wrong and playing them at their own game. I think we will be a loooot happier with release in Q1 '13. Q3 2012 seems a bit rushed tbh. But either way, RIM knows what's happening, they're doing this stuff for a reason that we shall know about in due course.

    Does any one agree? What are your views?
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    06-28-12 08:14 PM
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    Well your thread is totally nonsense,unbelievable, and just crazy. I like it though it is way to view a situation and being loyal to the Rimpire I can see you view. Hex I'm with you.
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    06-28-12 08:25 PM
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    Whatever you are drinking right now pour the rest down the drain
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    06-28-12 08:33 PM
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    Are you on drugs?
    06-28-12 08:37 PM
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    Post again once you are off the juice.
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    06-28-12 08:47 PM