1. Rothlander's Avatar
    so to my understanding, the reason bb10 and playbook os2 are moving to active sync is essentially because written into the noc coding is that one user per pin.and thats burried under years and years of other coding that makes it impoosible to rewrite. so my question is could RIM possibly rebuild the NOC in the future so that it allows more than one pin per user? maybe kevin could ask someone at RIM that
    01-31-12 02:01 PM
  2. _StephenBB81's Avatar
    I greatly doubt they would rewrite the NOC systems for this purpose, instead they will write a system on top to register devices to a unique ID and that ID will be registered with the legacy NOC.

    to rewrite the NOC they would have to have everything re-certified for security protocols, like FIPS.

    Mobile Fusion was a good move to address the multiple pins per user account
    01-31-12 08:17 PM