04-24-08 12:40 AM
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  1. dashiel's Avatar
    Local news was at L.A. International covering the American Airlines flight cancellations. They interviewed a guy from Australia on business. He said he wasn't bothered because he had a laptop and his Blackberry and could do anything. My cousin is in the music biz in LA and his curve is in use 24/7. He convinced me to get one. I have never seen a professional with an iphone. RIM knows what they are doing.
    04-11-08 12:06 AM
  2. Duvi's Avatar
    I don't understand why RIM has to get it together when no one has actually seen a real BB 9000 in person... I am actually thinking that the pictures aren't even a reality (*cough* photoshop *cough*) but the specs are definitely real.

    I do think RIM knows what they are doing. They will not be losing too much in the corporate world, if any at all. They are very secure and Apple does not have the patents that RIM does to acquire the security that RIM has.
    04-11-08 12:10 AM
  3. Adlen's Avatar
    I think we just need a better browser.
    04-11-08 07:57 AM
  4. Blacklatino's Avatar
    I think that the majority of true crackberry users have already made their decision and are staying with their berries. There will always be a market for the "next new gadget" - regardless of the products' efficiency.

    Looking back, I did not purchase my 8310 because I wanted a 9000. I purchased my berry because I needed an organizational device and liked the product. The Hoopla about the new 4.5 OS has to do with the majority of us wanting the updates - now. RIM is smart enough to know that millions of berries updated with an unfinished product would be a problem for all involved- RIM, the carriers, and the consumers.

    As far as the masses "defaulting" back to the iphone(or whatever), I agree, some will change. To those I say, the grass is "always" greener over the septic tank. So be careful when you cross over the fence looking for greener pastures. lol

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    04-11-08 08:38 AM
  5. paulnoise's Avatar
    RIM has no competition right now period. I don't see major corporations handing out anything but bbs to their employees.
    blackberries need hsdpa, its taking off big style in the uk with other handsets, as are windows mobile phones for the reason of using the phone as a modem. (hsdpa is the system that mobile broadband dongles use). or even just 3g for video calling/streaming video to your phone.
    theres no edge here, only gprs or 3g/hsdpa
    04-11-08 09:54 AM
  6. Pete6's Avatar
    The iPhone is a single product and not a very good one at that. It looks spectacular but in reality it is short on real functionality.

    The BB range of products spread their functionality across a very broad spectrum. Some employers do not want employees to have cameras in their phones. BB can do that. Some folk want a small phone. BB can do that too. The list goes on.

    Where BB might run into trouble is from Microsoft. MS will push IMAP push email on its Windows Mobile platform and that could hurt BB.

    What the iPhone has done is the make carriers sit up. Most featyres on phones are defined by the carriers and if the carrier does not want or like this or that feature then they simply do not offer that phone model. The iPhone changed that.

    We need more phones like the iPhone but not more iPhones which once you have used it for a while leaft, me at least, wanting my BB back again.
    04-11-08 03:40 PM
  7. MikeyHeLikesIt's Avatar
    I think its funny that there are constant posts comparing the two devices. People often say that RIM has nothing to worry about, and that the blackberry devises are superior, BUT there are still discussions about the fact that the iphone has this, the blackberry has this, etc etc.

    To me, having had both devices and liking them both equally (curve owner right now) if RIM would maybe upgrade the browser on the blackberry devices I think that you would have two crazy hot devices available on the market ( i really only use the browser for info checking when i am out and about). With that said, my constant comments to folks about surfing internet on their phone is, "if you are wanting to constantly surf internet and replicate the use of a phone to surf like a laptop or conventional computer, you are missing the point of having internet on your phone!"

    internet on phones is a convenience factor. check this here check this there on your phone. I don't think in general the manufacturers of phones intended phone internet to be a replacement of conventional websurfing on a computer.

    just my 2 cents :-)

    can't we just all get along (lol) there are devices on the market that are good, bad and ugly. Both iphone and blackberry devices are great. It all comes down to personal reasons to why you like one over the other, but this constant bickering between folks on the boards at crackberry saying rim is better, iphone is better is kinda stupid and counter productive. Wouldn't time be better well spent assisting those who post with problems, sharing stories of how u found something out that you didn't know about your blackberry and/or leaning on others who might have had the same issues with their devices for help and support?

    another 2 cents :-)

    04-11-08 05:50 PM
  8. username's Avatar
    I am not worried at all too. Besides what the others have said, if I had a business and needs to furnish my employees with business phones, I'd still go with the BBs coz if something gets damaged, I can easily order parts. With the iphone, once it falls to the ground and it breaks the screen, I have no way of replacing the it!

    I also don't like the fact that in a couple of years, once my iphone battery starts dying, I have no way of replacing it.

    To me the iphone is a very expensive disposable phone.
    Btw, I've had 2 friends who wanted to trade their iphones for my Curve. They are both business people. I wonder why?

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    04-11-08 06:07 PM
  9. Flurrycat's Avatar
    Having been a smartphone user for a long time (treo, curve and pearl), and being a girl (if a phone is going in my pocket it better be small), I would never want an iphone. But really it's personal choice. My husband loves his, but he's not the type to ever be a blackberry user. I guess I don't see RIM and Apple in competition with each other. They make completely different products with different target markets. Apple is trying to convince the world that their product is an improved version of the BB, but it's not. It's really nothing like it.
    04-11-08 06:11 PM
  10. crackvegas78's Avatar
    I can't belive this made it to clicks picks. LOL This thread has sure gotten a big run
    04-11-08 10:10 PM
  11. jcj1's Avatar
    iPhones are for kids and BB's are for adults who need a device that is not mainly for playing music and videos! Youtube should not be allowed to work on any BB!! HTML email is a MUST though! BB will never lose its market share as iPhone is nice but is not a business phone!!!
    04-12-08 11:37 AM
  12. kingsham's Avatar
    I don't think anyone is complaining, just pointing out the truth, blackberries have found a nice groove and are riding it. but I agree that some major technological advances should be made, or even small ones, html viewing is awesome (i just downloaded empower pro and is definitely a must have) . Blackberry isn't the only one here though guys. look at the market in general, there haven't been many technological advances made for a bit, hence slower economy, dare i breathe the R word? (recession) but I think overall BB is for a professional and IPhone is marketed towards brand lovers. the iphone has a cool UI but i hate it, I can't do things as quickly or as reliably as i can with a BB (that may just be me, lol) but I think RIM needs to wow some people if it wants to effectively penetrate and dominate the consumer, not professional, smartphone market. we need a cheap-o BB with a touch screen and Wi-Fi to keep teenagers happy, lol.
    Hey im a teen and i have curve...i could live without the touchscreen but would love a d-pad intergrated in with the scroll ball! and actually i get good service so i really dont need wifi...edge is good enough for me right now
    04-12-08 11:47 AM
  13. kingsham's Avatar
    and youtube should be allowed on BBs!
    04-12-08 11:48 AM
  14. King21's Avatar

    can't we just all get along (lol) there are devices on the market that are good, bad and ugly. Both iphone and blackberry devices are great. It all comes down to personal reasons to why you like one over the other, but this constant bickering between folks on the boards at crackberry saying rim is better, iphone is better is kinda stupid and counter productive. Wouldn't time be better well spent assisting those who post with problems, sharing stories of how u found something out that you didn't know about your blackberry and/or leaning on others who might have had the same issues with their devices for help and support?

    Well said Mikey!

    My only major complaint with the iPhone is no EVDO and no Stereo Bluetooth. If it had that, I might consider getting one just for the multimedia part. I just can't do it because my BB has it all!

    Funny story is, I actually sold a BB last night to a guy who had an iPhone and ran a limousine company. He needed a BB because, "The iPhone is the worst pda ever made for e-mail."
    Just an example of the regular consumer (not one of us Crackberry members) who purchased one to get WORK done.
    04-12-08 11:52 AM
  15. UKuser's Avatar
    Before I made my choice I studied both phones for approx 3 months. I played with them in the stores and did my research online. I must admit that this website did a great deal to convince me to go BB 8310.
    What I didn't like about the iPhone was the touch screen and the fact you can't change the battery but have to mail it off to be replaced at your own cost!

    I totally agree the browser on the BB needs to be updated. I downloaded Empro and love it. The iPhones browser is awsome tho.

    All in all, I made the right choice going for the BB but the only downside is I can't put the thing down

    Where I work, we currently have over 3000 BB's in use. I can't imagine the company EVER switching to iPhones.
    04-12-08 11:57 AM
  16. Oiche-Shamhna's Avatar
    I tend to disagree to the whole touch thing. I have owned an HTC touch and I currently own an ipod touch. It is great for selecting media. But not for typing, and I honestly hope that it is not the future. Constant screen cleanings, miss selected items. It was the reason I moved to a Blackberry. My HTC was always getting bumped and opening crap I didn't want open. I do agree that the updates are way to slow. Apple updates the iphone software allot, and we are falling behind. Then even if Rim does an update it may take forever to get it from my provider. Just release it to the public and let us get on with it. I am constantly checking the site and first it was March, Then April 1st. Then the 9th now I am seeing it may be months. They need to get a good browser up and running and HTML email and try there hardest to get adobe flash on the blackberry. It would be huge. Everyone dreams of youtube on there mobile.
    04-12-08 12:38 PM
  17. Flurrycat's Avatar
    I have to say I LOVE the emails and texts that my husband sends from his iphone. They're hilarious! He types with the tip of his index finger (there's no way he could use that keyboard with his thumbs), but he still can't get the right letters to show up. I can't imagine trying to use it for business....
    04-12-08 02:46 PM
  18. Duvi's Avatar
    Mikey... You hit it on the nose.

    I love both devices. One is for media/internet and the other is for business/email. Stop the comparisons, please.

    I will have both when the new one comes out, because I like having the best of both worlds.

    Even when iPhone 2.0 comes out with exchange support and different apps, I will still say that they are two different beasts.

    04-12-08 03:08 PM
  19. Krulla11's Avatar
    I didnt read thru all the posts here,
    But I thought i would share some of my thoghts to the readers here;
    One thing needs to be clear Blackberry is not an ipone and its not intended to be,
    Blackberrys were created for business purposes at first then as time passed they wanted to attract more customers they added more gadgets and features for the end users they used palm etc. and thats the problem, while blackberry is not really intended to be that; so when they put in all those features in the bb it kills the orig. bb,
    For example on a treo you were able to save programs to the media card, so the phone was not overloaded, but on the bb everything gets saved on the phone, and after a while the phone just does not function as well, it slows the whole process;
    Yes; i wont deny the fact that its pretty cool all the new features that they have (I have been with bb for over 4 years now) but still at times i ask myself do i want the job done; or do i want to have a gameboy?
    Instead of them working on real issues like; HTML Email Viewer, More storage space, better battery life, better platform, Adress Book (Sort by family, friends etc.) And much more, they are just adding thing to attract customers but not adding/fixing/upgrading softwares to enhance the real purpose of the bb.

    04-24-08 12:35 AM
  20. shivers316's Avatar
    That's why I have a BB and an iPod Touch. Best of both worlds right there.
    04-24-08 12:40 AM
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