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    Has anyone here seen chrysler's fairly new series of ads featuring a man with a deep bassy, sort of rough voice speaking while it shows off their amazing vehicles? It's cool. No one can deny that these commercials are just cool. Take a look at the attached video and imagine having a blackberry featured in one of the cars. Imagine, a built in slot or charger for a blackberry phone perched up in the middle of the console or dash. It wouldn't be the focus of the commercial, it would just be sort of there, humbly. The color of the phone would match the color of the car. People love things that match and people love things that humbly appear in an ad. In encourages them to search the web for the commercial they just saw, which benefits both companies featuring their products in the ad.
    Just more of my thoughts
    Here's the Chrysler ad. Something with the same format and style could features BB10 device. It would be great!

    04-05-12 09:59 PM
  2. Jared DiPane's Avatar
    04-06-12 08:20 AM