08-24-10 01:47 AM
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  1. PilotPhil81's Avatar
    **** NO! If RIM goes to android then I am gone.

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    08-23-10 11:09 PM
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    Why the **** would RIM switch to Android? if they were to do so they would become essentially identical to all of the other Android manufacturers, but with relatively subpar hardware. Yes, RIM most likely will continue to use it's current hardware selection, making the only advantage the specific shape of the keyboard. There are other phones that are considered to have superior keyboards, and swype has been proven to be much superior to the hard keyboards. thus if RIM was to switch to Android it would be considered inferior in most aspects.

    And that is how it should be. I use my Storm as a communications tool only. the only applications I have installed and use frequently is WeatherBug, Twitter, FaceBook, and Viigo. I would install Opera but viigo won't send links to it, making Opera pretty much useless.

    I don't want a million programs and apps that are "supposed" to make my life easier/more fun as i find them useless for my needs. And if i wanted those I could just switch to an OS that supports them instead of expecting RIM to shoehorn them in while still focusing on their core strengths.

    I'll admit that using a S1 can be pretty infuriating with the sometimes very frequent slowdowns and the ****ty browser along with the needs for constant battery pulls, but I know how to maintain my device to limit the slowdowns, and occasionally I'll do a battery pull (I've tried setting quickpull to reboot the phone overnight, but the dev had this idea to pop up a confirmation message afterwards; making the app useless for such).

    After that I'm used to the Blackberry OS and look forward to BB6, and RIM has no need to throw away their life's work just to please people that would be better served switching to another manufacturer.

    Speaking of which, why is there so many people that remain on this site after switching merely to berate all of RIM's progress? I don't know the truth but I'm going to automatically assume that those people dislike their current Android/iPhone/whatever because it is not as useful as the BB, but they cannot accept this because that would be a blow to their pride.

    So consider that before quoting me and arguing my points.
    08-24-10 01:47 AM
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