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    This article was mainly provided for people who love the blackberry operating system and wants to continue to see it thrive. Im not interested in anyone else's idea, that this post is crap. Cause clearly you dont know what it is to have invested in a company and see it fail slowly and stubbornly .

    Today was apples iphone 4s product and quarterly report. Congrats to them on another great quarter and successful return to their investors, and doing so well with out Steve Jobs at the helm( even though he is present in all products).

    As we all know RIM has been in the eyes of the public,financial sites and institutions,online media and blogs , radio and major news broadcasting networks since February.

    Today RIM dodge a major bullet and dramatic blow to its heart and head. The Apple iphone (4S) is a major competitor in the industry. No one took them on for years and taught their logic and business model was broken and heading in wrong direction. GUESS WHAT>>>THEY WERE RIGHT ALL ALONG

    RIM is going to "show off" the new "colt" or super-phone at devcon or before the end of the year. That is good idea for all the blackberry fans, bad because we are showing off the competition... As we all know , RIM secrets will be displayed on mobile-syrup,CB,n4bb,other blackberry posts every other day.
    So i dont understand why they put so much time and invest money in R&D into showing off a phone that is suppose to be competitive by bringing in revenue whilst other phone companies(samsung) will see your product , redesign a phone, load a bunch of exceptional hardware and load android on it that will outperform your phone. (i never want to leave BLACKBERRY)
    RIM should show this phone off in February 2012 and launch at least 6-8 weeks after showing it off. It must be perfect and not broken or missing anything... Dont have a repeat of the Playbook with false advertisement of the Skype and native bbm and email and all the other goodies of broken promises- Apple delivers, why cant you.

    Please RIM the lies isnt worth it anymore, the new phone you launched with OS7 should of been launch in 2010,when the 9780 and torch was being pushed onto shelves...Youre behind the game and the game is changing yet again!
    Decrease the amount of classes of phones you have and have more quality the game isn't quantity its quality.

    I have a list of 68 things RIM should implement into a phone that no other company has designed yet .(im not going to list it, because people will want to sell my ideas for their own profit.)

    I heard rumors from my friends who work at RIM waterloo, and they said for themselves... The CEO's are stubborn and do not want to conform to the change in the environment. If they are that stubborn and doesnt want to see the company change( prepare for change to happen around you and investors to cut their losses and leave your company); I predict if they dont act in a serious manner prepare to say bye bye to those valuable patents you have worked so hard for in 2013. The business tycoon Carl Icahn pushes the company to make more value and sell, he did this for many of his investments in the past.This guy means business.

    Nokia saw the change, pull their **** together and made decision that force them back into the game.

    RIM's marketing department needs to go back to university and redo everything , cause it is horrible!!!!

    PLEASE RIM, if you dont get your act together and pull this last QNX powered super phone together, prepare to shut down business. Seek outside help in marketing from professors and university students, cause your employees doesn't like you or care for your business. The CO CEO position should be a duty of one person and not two dreams- meeting in the middle of no where.

    As for the playbook update 2.0 - if i get it when DEVCON is being held, i get it, BUT DONT LIE TO ME ANYMORE, IT IS SICKING. You were suppose to deliver a 4G playbook and it isn't anywhere in sight.

    RIM rumors about their production lines for the playbook has hit a slow/stop...i believe it! I think they did slow down, otherwise if a product is selling they wont need to give people incentives to buy your product.

    My next line of fire is a Playbook vs Bold 9900 - 499 vs 599(575 or whatever the price is now). The playbook has more of everything and is sold less than the phones; now the playbook is 299 vs 575 for the bold. F*CK ME! You can download the comwave app and buy $10 credit and call anywhere in the world!!! This logic is clearly wrong!

    I conclude by saying, The kindle has the same design as the playbook, and RIM hasn't decided to take then to court, Amazon and Blackberry may have a merger in the near future and good bye to the BB as we know it.These are my opinions and i really wished if people had constructive remarks to make and not just troll. There's youtube and android forums to go troll on.
    10-04-11 10:07 PM
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    Wow. Lot's of passion there. I agree with a lot of your points, but it does smack a little of paranoia, sorry.

    I'm sure Kevin will respond.
    10-04-11 10:40 PM
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    Wow. Lot's of passion there. I agree with a lot of your points, but it does smack a little of paranoia, sorry.

    I'm sure Kevin will respond.
    And Kevin did respond.
    10-05-11 01:57 AM