1. House_Ape's Avatar
    Why cant RIM just post up their processor speeds out in the open? Why do they hide it? Everyone else flaunts it...
    10-18-10 10:08 PM
  2. Shao128's Avatar
    Because the processor speeds are slow it would be a bad marketing move. Besides the average consumer doesnt understand cpu speed.
    10-18-10 10:22 PM
  3. albee 1's Avatar
    And processor speeds alone arent a good determiner of how fast something will actually be. Look at the difference between Macs and Pc's.

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    10-18-10 11:22 PM
  4. Rootbrian's Avatar
    Windows slows down after a while and Linux stays fast regardless of how much is installed on it, no registries to clean, same on a mac, plus it's extensibly hackable.

    I don't care about CPU speeds, as long as the OS is efficient, stable and fast, the device/computer will run fine.

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    10-19-10 01:02 AM
  5. aNYthing24's Avatar
    Well, they are flaunting the dual-core 1 GHz CPU that the PlayBook will have...
    10-19-10 02:46 AM
  6. valorian's Avatar
    Because there are lots of consumers out there that love to hear "1GHz Snapdragon processor!!!" in commercials. It's all about marketing ploys and getting the attention of the consumer who is watching the commercials.
    10-19-10 08:53 AM
  7. rocco225's Avatar
    I am always wondering about processor speeds and app memory myself. Check out this thread. It has most of the information your looking for. Feel free to add to it. That's how its maintained.

    10-19-10 09:42 AM