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    BlackBerry maker Research in Motion agrees to hand over its encryption keys to India - Economic Times

    So if you're in India, the government/authorities can read everything you send on your Blackberry. And that includes BES. I wonder if that includes BES servers that are located outside of India. Now wait for other countries to follow. RIM can't ignore India since it's one of their fastest growing markets.

    Under the new setup, RIM has said it would not even remotely monitor its Mumbai facility anymore, and has agreed to 'disconnect the remote maintenance system monitoring which it normally provides to ensure high service level'.
    "Here's the keys to my house..."
    08-03-12 01:56 AM
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    Why would they do that?

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    08-03-12 01:59 AM
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    Most governments can do this already. No big deal.
    08-03-12 02:21 AM
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    RIM Says it Did NOT Give BES Encryption Keys to India - N4BB

    from 10am, yesterday. your source is probably not right.
    08-03-12 02:41 AM
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    08-03-12 02:42 AM
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    I'm sorry, did nobody read Bla1ze's piece on this yesterday??

    Here's the link

    As an overview: NO they have not "handed over the encryption keys" for BES and as far as BIS, the Indian government now has as much access as they have with iPhone or Android.


    Oh for f*ck sake. Did the OP actually read the article which he's posted?!?! It CLEARLY says in the article (I've underlined the important bit for the OP): "But he said there was no access to secure encrypted BlackBerry enterprise communications or corporate emails as these were accessible only to the owners of these services."
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    08-03-12 02:55 AM