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    RIM has done it again...

    I know there are going to be some die hard berry fans. And don't get me wrong I love my blackberry but RIM has become a sub-par company existing solely on its past reputation as #1.

    Look at all the new phones that are coming out. The new Droids are more powerful, have more features then ever, and come packed with the new 4G network in some cases.

    Blackberry on the other hand has yet to even release a good web browser which is quite ridiculous.

    A testament to RIM's lack of progress is the upcoming Curve 3G. This is a phone that should have been released a year ago. You can't tell me that RIM couldn't add at least a 3.2 MP Camera on the device. Considering other devices that are out there in comparison, blackberry seems to always fall short.

    Their upgrades are embarrassing. Look at the Bold 9650. Could you really call that a true upgrade when they couldn't even sport an upgraded camera. The company is charging 199 for an upgrade but for a Tour owner like myself its just not worth it. The 512 Memory is decent but still doesn't justify the steep price tag especially considering other phones have 1 GB of memory.

    I think that RIM needs to get their act straight because they will begin to realize that they are no longer number one. In the smart phone market we've seen many new phones get released and the most disappointing of all would be blackberry.

    Why can't they add an 8 mp camera.

    Why not boost the memory up to a gig. Memory is relatively cheap these days.

    There are enhancements that RIM can make but they choose not to which will hurt them in the near future.

    Hopefully RIM can redeem themselves with new releases this fall. Otherwise I might just have to upgrade my next device to a HTC phone.
    08-10-10 02:03 AM
  2. T
    I like BlackBerry devices for the push email feature, battery life, security, keyboard, and the highly customizable notification options. Do the other phones you tout as being better supersede BlackBerry when it come to those things?
    08-10-10 06:08 AM
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    I don't jump on the newest tech because new isn't always better. I'll stay with my 9700 until it's as dead as a microwaved roach.

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    08-10-10 06:16 AM
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    Yea my bold can do anything a droid and iphone can do especially the iphone and more. Blackberrys are way more customizable. We like blackberrys because they do what we want and we dont have to worry about battery life or scratching our 4.3 inch screens. Iphones and droids just arnt cut out for alot of jobs people have. People also dont like touch screens therefor blackberry isnt going downhill because you think it is just because it dosnt make touch screen phones with huge screens and a bunch of unnecessary apps to downoad.
    08-10-10 06:26 AM
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    how does that sandwich board read? and, how many folks are taking the flyer?
    08-10-10 06:47 AM
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    I'm fairly certain you can't kill a roach in a microwave. Yawn.

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    08-10-10 07:00 AM
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    Oh gee. Another thread of "RIM is blah".

    Make sure you wear some floaties when you jump ship.
    08-10-10 07:02 AM
  8. bigkatt's Avatar
    the grass is not greener on the other side, tried an EVO and hated every minute of it. After a week I saw my tour on my bedside table picked it up and took the EVO back the next day. I think RIM knows they are a little behind, but their still in business so they must be doing something right because we keep buying the phones.
    08-10-10 07:13 AM