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    Year in review for RIM:

    -BBOS 7 phones poorly received in N/A
    -no front facing camera phones for video chat (every other phone platform has it)
    -no dual core phone (every other phone platform has some)
    -JDE BBOS scheduled to die
    -QNX OS has no email client, or calendar/contacts. RIM's bottom line takes a huge hit, instead of having a 'hit' in its hands. RIM reinvents the definition of 'very soon' .
    -no strategic changes in top RIM management.
    -guidance lowered, getting harder to borrow cash and recruit talents. Takeover possible
    -Colt canceled
    -10 inch Playbook MIA
    -3G PB MIA
    -WiMax PB axed
    -BB Cyclone this 'fall' - M.I.A
    -BB Beats M.I.A
    -BB Calypso M.I.A.
    -CEO salaries: 1$
    RIM strategic decision machine: priceless?
    -Marketing team responsible for BBX, BB10 fiasco FAIL
    -Outage FAIL
    -RIM's world renowned servers do the same thing that they have been doing for the past decade: push emails. What about Cloud? Storage? Server-side html/flash compression?
    -BBM Music - bad marketing and FAIL in the makings?

    The good for 2011:
    -BBOS7 well received elsewhere
    -Besides blatant omissions, QNX is one heck of a platform
    -Playbook rooting: best for developers and creativity experts or bad for security
    -On release date, PB is one heck of a piece of hardware
    -signs of USB support on QNX/PB
    -BBOS still most secure platform out there
    -Bridge is very innovative, but a bit buggy.
    -Still profitable. 1.5B in cash reserves.
    -Still best keyboard phone (9900) but kb are shrinking market share

    Needed for 2012:

    -BBX software on dual-core HSPA+ phone Q1 or Q2 (we know its not going to happen)
    -BBX software on polished dual-core LTE phone Q2 or Q3 (they have to execute well). Quad core in the works
    -License hardware from other manufacturers (HTC for instance)
    -Maybe license BBX/BIS to other manufacturers
    -Use new RIM phones/tablet hardware and sell it w/Android under a diffrent brand (in the automotive world, its called platform sharing)
    -Finish OS2
    -10/7 inch PB + 3G or LTE variants for PB2. 1.5Ghz DC no less. Sell PB1 1.0ghz DC at a discount.
    -Keep platform homogenous with same screen resolutions
    -Slider BBX phone, same RES.
    -Keep 1-2 BBOS7 phones for the next 5-10 years w/ slow evolution as a secure solution for Government and large security companies.
    -Servers that innovate: CLOUD! Maybe a Siri competitor, maybe something new.
    -Expand BBX/PB for TV (it already supports HDMI) and car entertainment. Embed with TV sets through aliances w TV makers. Have separate box too. Netflix integration FTW.
    -Fire JIM mid 2012 if no sign of recovery
    -Fire Mike mid 2012 if no sign of recovery
    -Promote Saunders as CEO
    -Try to recruit Sanjay from MOtorola
    -Learn to Market
    -BBM video chat
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    just saw a cute Curve 9360... cute phone... too bad the market has moved away from such type of phone
    12-20-11 04:29 PM
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    I'm fairly sure there is absolutely no need for that picture...
    12-20-11 04:55 PM
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    N/A generally means "not applicable," as in something does not apply. Kind of ironic that you meant North America because it's arguably the most applicable to RIM's success, haha.

    EDIT: All these "M.I.A" phones you're referencing were never officially announced, therefore cannot be M.I.A to begin with. It's funny how far people take rumors the second they hear them.
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    Sanjay from Motorola are you kidding me? Who wants Motoblur on your blackberry raise your hand! I'd like to see them get an iconoclast like J. Allard to shake things up but that would never happen.
    12-20-11 07:33 PM
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    all I know is I'm happy with my berry
    12-20-11 08:22 PM
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    Everyday when I visited this forum I saw many new posts minimizing or bashing RIM and many posters who suddenly turned market experts offering their 2 cents why RIM has failed and what will make it back to success path...I think stock analyst should visit this sight to gain new aspirations how to bash RIM.

    I think RIM's entrance into the tablet using QNX is strategically a very smart move. They are taking a short term pain for the long term survival. People just lamented at the weaknesses of PB and its poor ecosystem..No body ever mentioned that the Playbook is helping RIM to refine their new QNX based system which is to be the core of future bb phones and selling smartphones is their core business. I am confident its BB10 smartphones would be top notch, hardware, OS and apps wise. BB10 would have gained highly valuable learning curve from PB.

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    12-20-11 08:39 PM
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    what happened to the picture I attached?????
    12-20-11 08:59 PM
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    all i know is that i love my 9930 .my 3rd bb .i am satisfied with my purschase.
    12-20-11 09:04 PM
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    what happened to the picture I attached?????
    I assume it was removed as it should have been.
    12-20-11 09:05 PM
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    IMHO, RIM needs to stick to its guns and be its own company...do NOT join the android bandwagon, do NOT consolidate with MSOFT/NOKIA, stay RIM and make 2012 a multi-dimensional attack on the smartphone market. Stay true to your roots, but add support for what people clearly want., i.e, cloud, more marketable apps, and speaking of marketing - get serious about it - don't lay there and take it like a red-headed stepchild, show iOS/android/wp7 what you've got and differentiate yourself from them.

    BB is truly a world-class device, just don't lose your focus on your base product, but offer consumers choice. Do NOT abandon quality ~ but DO attempt to fairly price devices within each range.


    12-20-11 11:04 PM
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    RIM needs to do what makes it money - pumping out tonnes of crappy phones for 3rd world countries and for cheap employers who give their employees disposable phones for Email.

    Attempting to compete in the US flagship market with the big boys will be the death of RIM, and is already taking it's toll on RIM. RIM tried to jump into the tablet market but fell on it's face and lost a lot of money in the process - they have to practically give the Playbooks away for people to take them. The entry into the tablet world also doubled as a reputation destruction by showing off how easily their new operating system can be rooted in multiple ways, destroying the only positive reputation RIM had left.

    They have been forced to break promises and look like fools to throw away all their money. Something only Jimbo and Mike could have thought of doing. RIM needs to refocus itself on what is making their company profitable and successful and stop trying to compete in a market they are being beaten senselessly in and blowing all their money trying to stay in.

    Interesting list however, I don't think that those options will fix RIM as a company - appease a few BB fanatics, yes, fix the company, no (well... Saunders might. Lol).
    12-21-11 12:22 AM
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    If these would happen RIMM would be like it was in the old days.
    But I am thinking not a slightest chance..
    12-21-11 12:32 AM